Did you Know? You can watch Youtube videos in Gmail and Gmail Chat.

There are many who watch hundreds of YouTube videos in a day and many share those videos with their friends via twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. But many don't know about the cool feature which you have in Gmail. The cool feature is that you can share YouTube videos with your friend via Gmail, so that they can watch YouTube videos in Gmail without leaving the page. One way is send the link of the video in Gmail chat so that they can watch it on small screen within the chat window as in the image below. And another way is to send the link of the video as mail and that works only if the recipient is reading the mail in Gmail. However sadly, the videos cannot be played back in Gtalk at the moment. Lets hope that Google may launch this option soon.

YouTube video in Gmail Chat

youtube video in gmail chat

The video preview will appear as soon as you enter the video link (URL). You just need to click on the preview image to start playing the video.

How to enable YouTube video playback in Gmail.

The video playback in Gmail Chat is enabled by default, but have you'll have to look around some settings under Gmail to start watching YouTube videos in Gmail email message send by someone. Just watch the below video to get more information on the settings.


  1. i know that it is possible to watch youtube videos in gtalk,, just by adding the youtube link will embeds video, but i don't have any idea that in gmail

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