9 Reasons for you to switch to android nougat – Now!

Android is a basic operating system in today’s smartphones. It is very light software than any other software in tables and phones. Nowadays everyone has become advanced and has thrived for the newest version of the android phone. There are too many options to recycle your old phone to get a new one. No one needs to be a tech expects in order to use a new smartphone. Firstly the reasons that would make you switch to android nougat are for an improved operating system which is more user-friendly for the betterment of life. Secondly, customers will prefer Nougat (Android 7.1.2) more as the operating system is launched after fixing the bugs of the system.  The upgraded operating system is launched first in Pixel and Pixel XL. It is the most stable version of the Android history.

9 Reasons for you to switch to android nougat - Now! 1

Why we use Android:-

Android platform is itself is very open platform unlike IOS and Windows Variety of the app are supported on this platform. Apps can be installed either directly from the Google App store or one can download the app file from unknown source and install the app. The battery optimization of the Android handsets it better because of the ram management of the apps which are running in the background. In this OS the apps and games account you have created can be saved on a drive by your Google account so that it can be played on multiple Android devices. The sync of photos, videos and contacts are easily uploaded to Google Drive when the phone is connecting to your wifi network. Network receiving are also improved in android devices. Many Gestures are now available with the devices like Nexus and Pixels which make the device more user-friendly for the users. The developer options are also there which will configure the amount of sharing which can be allowed from your device. Battery saver mode in Android devices will terminate all the running apps in the background in order to save more battery. Android devices are also compatible with the fast charging, handset like Motorola, Vivo, and Xoami can charge 0-100% in only one and half hour. C type charging ports are also available on Android devices. Files can also be transferred from your pendrive with the help on an OTG cable.

9 Reasons for you to switch to android nougat - Now! 2

What’s new in Android Nougat:-

Thinking whether or not you should switch to android nougat? The new version launched is better in many ways as the latest version have more developed features and performance is more stable. Nougat is better than the old versions of Android in several ways such as:-

  • Connectivity of Bluetooth
  • Fingerprint Scanning
  • Minimum Rebooting Time
  • No pink strips present of a camera
  • Improved Noise Cancellation

9 Reasons for you to switch to android nougat - Now! 3

Here are the 9 reasons to switch to the android nougat:

Switch to android nougat for the new and improved features.

9 Reasons for you to switch to android nougat - Now! 4

  1. This version finally supports Virtual Reality (VR). The platform of mobile VR is Daydream for which all the manufacturers install this platform in all their headsets.
  2. This version also supports Split Screen features which were temporarily removed for the malfunctioning in Android 6.0. So the customers can use these smooth functioning features for easy multitasking.
  3. In this version, not only the apps but also the system settings have the Hamburger Menu option which is Icon with three lines, and also there is an increment of speed in apps zipping.
  4. The menu of this version will show the file location of the apps and also it will show whether it is installed from Play Store or from APK. All the things for which we have to explore storage option in settings now can be done from the menu desk of this version.
  5. Improvement is done in Google Now launcher in which the overview page can be brought up by pinch gesture and also the “Remove”, “Cancel” and “Information of the Apps” options are available when it is dragged from home screen
  6. The notification bar is also designed which is more user-friendly and the pictures of the notifications bar are changed in order to make it more comfortable for the users.
  7. This version has better battery usage management and also it consumes less battery than the previous versions of Android.
  8. Ram management is also better for the apps, poor ram management can lag you work on mobiles and also the switching of apps will not be smooth for the lagging
  9. This version will be more secure in comparison to other previous versions because it contains backup pins which help in the time someone forgot his/her own password.

9 Reasons for you to switch to android nougat - Now! 5

These are the reasons that would make you switch to the android nougat and also the price range of these mobiles will be starting from the minimum range so that it is available to most of the population of the world. It is one of the best Operating System in the Android history.

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