Saturday, July 20, 2019

8 Perfect Android Apps for Hiding your Pictures & Videos

HIde Your Pictures and videos

Everyone has pictures and videos which you might want to hide from your siblings, family and friends. The pictures you want to hide can range from your crush’s pictures to inappropriate   memes. No matter how advances smartphones have become, the settings for storing your private videos and pictures is not an in-built function.

With so many applications in Google Play store and App Store, it might be a bit confusing to choose the best app for your requirement. I always prefer to put up an Applock to my gallery, Downloads folder, Google Play folder, browser, Gmail, social media applications to avoid data leakage. Not only this, but there are several incidents where you might accidentally forget your phone and people might browse into your folders and you might fall pray of them, which is another reason why you should always isolate your pictures and videos and every data containing folder in isolation or safe space. To keep your privacy in safe hands here is the list of 10 applications which will assist you to hide your pictures and videos:

Please Note: All these applications were tried in my Moto G4 Plus handset which Android 7.0 Nougat and it worked perfectly.

1. KeepSafe Photo Vault:

If you have attempted to search for a safe space for your images and videos before then you might have stumbled across this application surely for once. It has gained some good amount of popularity in terms maintaining your privacy. This photo vault has been clubbed with a lot of updates in all these years which made it only better.

Just like the many other photo vaults it offers you with fingerprint authentication, PIN and pattern protection. It is organised into different folder like grids which is easy and tidy to use. As soon as you open the application you will be welcomed with five default folders main album, video, significant other (where you can store pictures with your significant one and keep it to yourself), cards & IDs, trash, make your own albums, take a picture and save it directly in the vault. You also have the option to share your folders with another person using KeepSafe. In addition to it, you can create a back up in a private cloud space.


Interestingly by subscribing to the premium version you can enable features like Fake PIN wherein you can set another PIN which opens a decoy KeepSafe, you can enable Break-In Alerts which registers the time and date and snaps a picture secretly to keep you informed, you also have the Secret Door option which will keep this application under cover which a fake logo of a calculator or a virus scanner so the third person doesn’t suspect. These are some really settings which can be availed with the premium of this app at INR 124 per month for yearly subscription.

Download: KeepSafe Photo Vault for free

2. AppLock:

AppLock is a pretty popular application for the safety of your documents. You have the option to keep your files safe by setting a lock on your apps in addition to it you have a separate vault to save your photos and videos in the app. Its more like an all rounder!


Applock enables you to lock your applications on your handset with PIN, pattern and fingerprint lock. Moreover, you have a lot of security options for your Applock as well, you can hide your applock from the list of your apps. There are some special settings to hide this application using the Magic option and unhide it by dialling a code. You have the options to Re-lock all the applications after the screens goes off, Intruder selfie which is columned in the Chamber section, Cover, Random Keyboard (which will help to confuse stalkers) many other security options. You have vault to import your private pictures and videos. All the pictures you want to hide will be in an isolated space wherein you can take control of your lock settings. You can surf in incognito mode and set up a private SNS to manage multiple accounts.

However, make sure to remove all the pictures and videos from the application and create a back up to your drive before formatting to avoid losing them. Overall, it is a very safe environment for your private life and provides you with real advanced settings fo free. You can also subscribe to a premium version of Applock which is ad free and provides you with more powerful security settings.

Download: AppLock for free

3. Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty:

Hide Pictures & Videos clearly depicts its job and does it well! This application can be trusted upon and has gained some popularity with time. You don’t have to spend too much time on it, just sync your Gmail account with Vaulty and select the pictures you want to hide from your gallery. Pretty Simple!


Users will be able to know who has tried to intrude this application with the clicked ‘Mugshots’ (the app automatically takes a selfie of the intruder without his/her notice while they try to crack the password). The ‘Mugshots’ feature is available in the free version for users.

You can avail different setting for unlimited automatic backups, No ads and Multiple Vaults by upgrading to the premium version at INR 685 per month. Multiple vaults, functions like vault in vault, users can create separate vaults and set a different password for each vault. Now, this is very unlikely!

Download: Hide Pictures & Videos Vaulty for free

4. Hide Something:

This application by COLIFER LAB, has more than 5 million users to its side because of its mess free process of hiding content. You can use PIN, pattern or fingerprint to hide your images and videos from unnecessary people. Users can easily hide their images by transferring them to the invisible folder in no time.

Hide Something

Using this is app is pretty easy and not much of a time taker. Along with privacy support it comes with a support for various media file formats adding to it you can enjoy different themes available within. This app gives you the privilege to view your images at the pixel level detailing with its Advanced Viewer Display. Since all of the above apps have additional security protection, this app will not disappoint you for that matter. You can set a fake login password which will show only the visible photos in case of unexpected checks. Moreover, you can login with the stealth mode for pattern lock. You can keep all your hidden files away from the file explorer.

On subscribing to the premium version for INR 140 per year, users have the freedom to browse images from the desktop browsers. It consists of another feature which takes up the lime light that is the Google drive Backup! So you can enjoy your leisure with this hiding application. Well I must say it is cheap for a no ad plus so many features for your privacy!

Download: Hide Something for free

5. Vault:

This is another application similar to AppLock. Vault gives you the freedom to save your pictures and videos in separate vault inside the application. It features the app locking system as well to lock all your essential social media platforms, browsers, drive, contacts, text messages and other applications.


You can access private browsing which has shortcuts to most visited sites like Pinterest, Vine, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, Imgur, Flickr, and 500 px. It redirects you to Google as you search for something with no history and other information. You can add bookmarks for your favourite site. You can avail 1GB cloud storage after logging-in the free version and 1024 GB cloud space with the premium version at INR 49. per month. This is very cost effective and impressive for your privacy!

In terms of advanced security, one can create fake vault or multiple vaults, make the icon disappear from your phone and keep track of the intruders with a secret selfie. However, you cn set a lock only to 5 applications in the free version of vault unlike AppLock which has no limitations to the number of application you want to set up a lock.

Download: Vault for free

6. Private Zone:

Private Zone has changed its definition of a photo vault. Why? Regardless of the easiest way to transfer your photos and videos to its vault it has a lot of other functions to offer! It made me a fan of it, the moment I stumbled across the app. The interface is very simple, organised in a manner which showcases details in a simpler manner and runs very smoothly.

Private Zone

The features it consists is not just limited to the privacy of your private pictures and other applications.  In short, it takes care of everything you ever wished for. Starting with the basic features, you can unlock your photos & videos vault, applications, files, etc using PIN, patter or fingerprint authentication if your phone supports it. About the security settings you can mask it with a fake calculator icon.

Here comes the interesting part, you can hide your applications too! This was much awaited! You can simply add the applications you want to hide in private zone and uninstall it from your phone rest will be taken care by the app. This is especially useful to hide our period tracker (for girls), your secret notes, Paytm or other money transferring applications etc.

That is not it! You can clone your favourite apps for multiple account log-ins where each of the apps can be duplicated numerous times. This is pretty useful for games like Loco when you need extra lives and even for your social media accounts. You can access the free VPN in order to browse and download torrents or for any other reason.

This application features a ‘Boost’ option which will help you clear off the clutter running in the background. Seriously, a photo vault offering so much? There’s more to it, users are offered with the anti-theft options, scan for privacy leakage risk, Break–in alerts by clicking a secret selfie, and many more. You can also opt for the premium version for more interesting features at a much cheaper rate.

However, the free version pops up a lot of applications which might be a bit annoying which you can get rid of by upgrading it to premium version.

Download: Private Zone for free

7.Gallery Vault:

Gallery Vault has an impressive interface and smooth functioning. I liked its easy to use style. Users can gently swift across the app and easily add your private pictures and videos into the vault.

Gallery Vault

It performs its task very well. The security settings of the app include the Icon Disguise the vault into a calculator, set your favourite theme from various colours, Device Migration etc. Upon upgrading this application you will be able to avail features like unlocking the application with fingerprint, Shake Close where in users can sway your handset to close Gallery Vault in unexpected situations, Random Keyboard, Break-in alerts, Fake password setting which will open fake contents in your vault any many more. Also, cloud storage will be made available to the users shortly.

The app also enables you private browsing and suggests applications for your use. It has a separate section presenting a list of applications you might be interested in. The subscription is affordable; you won’t mind shelling out INR 160 per year or INR 475 for lifetime.

Download: Gallery Vault – Hiding Photos & Videos for free

8. Hide Files – Andrognito:

Andrognito is a sophisticated application in terms of its interface. It functions smoothly and has a neat UI. The word Andrognito is a combination of the words Android and Incognito. It helps you hide your images, audio-video files and documents under the standards of AES encryption. Adding all your documents and media files in the cloud storage of this app will help you make space in your device.

Hide Files

While the free version of hide files allows you to hide applications from the launcher in one vault, users can purchase the Pro version to make many individual vaults, to check-in to your vault through cloud backups from multiple handsets and many other features. Also, it will give you the privilege to enjoy your privacy ad free.

The pro version will help you to advance your security settings with Fake Vault, Invisible icon on your launcher, pop fake application force close message and custom themes etc.

Download: Hide Files – Andrognito for free   


All these applications works pretty well. You can try all of them to know which works the best for you. Out of all, I really liked Private Zone and AppLock a lot. If your have noticed, these vaults can be given fake Caculator mask which is why its is a drawback because you will be having two caculators on your phone which might bring attention of others. So, in such cases one should go with AppLock and other vaults which have the option to hide their icon would be better for you, if you want to avoid even the slightest suspicion.   Let us know which photo vault you use!