Google Play- Play With Google Play and Feel The Change

Google introduces the all new Google Play (Earlier Android Market)synchronizing movies, games, applications and books all at one place.  Google Play can be accessed from any android device or from the web. The main intention of is to bring all the required data at one single place so that you can access your favorites from android platform or web. You can purchase apps, books, movies and games directly from Google Play. All your favorites all in one place. Try the new Google Play and feel the change.

Google Play Overview

Google Play Anywhere

Google Play Anywhere

When you stop by on Google Play you can get over millions of songs, apps and books along with thousands of movies. Before you buy stuff on Google Play you can take a sample of book or song, get reviews or watch trailers and then think about it. And gives a more synchronized and powerful experience.

Google Play Cloud

Google Play  Cloud

Google Play supports cloud computing to keep you always connected with your favorites. You can buy a book on the web and read it on your android or buy a movie online and watch it on your desktop. With cloud you can access your data anywhere on the move. And the best part of it is that Google Play Cloud is a free service.


Google Play Music

Google Play offers a wonderful music experience where you never have to sync. All you have to do is buy and listen right away.  There are hundreds of exclusive and rising artists’ music on Google Play for you to listen. The music selected by you is saved automatically in your Google Play music library and ready to play instantly on our PC, tablet or Android phone. And if you are offline just tag your songs and listen them on offline playback.


Google Play Movies

Thousands of movies are present on Google Play for you to watch either buy renting them or downloading them for offline playback. You can get action, comedy, drama documentary and lots more in HD on Google Play. You can rent movies for instant viewing and also download them for offline use. Play movies anywhere on the move on your android tab or phone. Just Play!


Google Play Books

Find millions of books on Google Play to read. You can buy books anywhere anytime! Pick a sample of book you want and buy the full book if you like it. That’s all and you can start reading. And with Google Play Cloud start reading on your android phone, continue it on your tab and complete it on the web. Just start from where you left. Also share your favorites on G+ circles.

Google Play Games and Apps

Google Play Games
Play games, get news, buy tickets, use apps right away. Browse through millions of apps and hundreds of games and pick your likes at Google Play.


  1. Thank you for sharing Google Play. I saw it on the navigation bar but did not know what it was. This makes us think again about preferring iOS to Android.

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