Wednesday, October 16, 2019

5 Important Steps to Prevent Virus Attack On Your Computer

Not a single person in this world wants the virus to stop the functionality in their computer, but nowadays no one is there who doesn’t use the internet. By the increase in the use of the internet, the attack of the virus has increased a lot. And this virus will not only destroy your computer but it will also destroy your hard disk and another operating system too. This virus attack destroys your computer in a really bad way. A virus won’t even take few seconds to destroy all your unforgettable images. Because of these reasons, it is better to take some necessary steps and prevent virus attack from your computer. But with the increase in the use of internet and email or the way we download songs pictures pdf etc; it is natural that virus will be there, but if we take precautions from before then virus won’t be that problematic to our computer. So let’s see how you will be able to reduce virus attack from your system. Here are some ways that will help you to reduce virus attack from your system.

Reason to scan before opening mail to reduce virus attack from your computer

While opening emails even if it is coming from your friend you should be careful. You should always scan it cause the virus coming through the mail, it gets into your pc with an attachment especially through video files. Many of the viruses travel through video files. So it is always safe to scan each and every mail before opening it to reduce virus attack from your computer. If the scan traces something weird about the attachment then you should avoid opening the attachment.

The reason for installing anti-virus

Nowadays it is very important for everyone to have a running antivirus in their computer. And the most important thing is that you should keep a look that your antivirus is always updated. Every day new viruses come and if you keep your computer updated then it will help you to reduce virus attack from your computer. Most of the anti-virus generally comes with auto-update. I personally suggest you turn it on if you really want to reduce virus attack from your computer.

The reason behind scanning your system regularly

You should check your computer regularly, or at least once in a week in order to reduce virus attack from your computer. Even if your antivirus is continuously running you should scan your system because sometimes viruses can slip through cracks. Regularly checking your files in your system will help you to reduce virus attack from your system and you will be able to catch any virus that will sneak on to your computer.

Be careful while browsing the internet

You should be very careful while you are visiting any site cause while you surf on the internet you will come across many pop-ups or banners.  If you are surfing in a reputed site then it is safe to press those pop-ups. But if you aren’t surfing in any of the reputed sites then you should notdo any thing on those pop-ups cause many harmful viruses stay there and by clicking on those pop-ups viruses can enter your computer and harm it.  So you should be very cautious and don’t click on those pop-ups cause it will mislead you. You can serve some of the reputed browsers like chrome or firefox cause they are much better or safe browsers as compared to others. So you need to be very careful while surfing the browsers that are not reputed enough and try not to click on the pop-ups when you are not surfing any reputed browser.

Be careful while downloading files to reduce virus attack from your computer

Nowadays no one will be able to do anything without internet so surfing internet downloading files that will help you is very important. But, while downloading any file, you should be very careful and before downloading it, you should think twice that you need it or not. If it is helpful for you then you should search it from its site developer and then download it. If the file downloaded is illegal then chances are chances of having viruses or malware which will harm your system. If you find some fake extensions in the file then you must ignore it to protect your computer from harmful viruses.

Extra precautions for installing up to date anti-virus

Sometimes internet providers provide some anti-virus which is always not enough to protect your computer from harmful virus. So it is necessary to install additional anti-virus protection for more satisfactory results. Some of the antiviruses that will help you to protect your computer from the virus are given below.

Avast free-of-charge anti-virus

The makers of this anti-virus have made it sure that it is faster than ever.  The creators of Avast anti-virus provides you a very easy way of installing and uninstalling programs by just clicking on a click box. Avast anti-virus gives you enough protection from harmful viruses like Trojan and worms.

Super antispyware

This super antispyware is meant to be all in one anti-virus software. This is used to fight with products including the removal of virus-like Trojans, keyloggers, parasites, etc. this software is light enough and will not slow down your computer.

So these are some of the methods that will help you to reduce virus attack from your computer and you should be very cautious while opening emails, clicking on any pop-ups, browsing internet etc.