How to change the default search engine in Chrome - Read and Learn!

Google's own search engine, Chrome has made the access to the internet over various devices fast, secure and hassle-free. Whatever internet pages we have saved and want to open it later or any page we want to view on the internet will be open by Google Chrome only if we change the default search engine into Google Chrome. With Google Chrome being available on a number of platforms, it is better to sync the settings with an account on Google is that data like saved passwords, history and apps can be accessed from different devices signed in with the same account. The data are stored in chrome in their cloud making the access easy through cloud computing. Previously only accessible on the PC and Macbook, the Google Chrome can now be accessed in your smart android phone making you remember your password and history of the accessed internet searches throughout every devices you have signed in with your account.

First Method on how to change the default search engine in Chrome

Step one: Launch your Google Chrome.

Step two: On the top-right of the screen, you will see a three dotted symbol. It is the icon for entering the properties of the Google Chrome browser. Click on it.

Step three: A drop-down box appears containing the menus for the various features of Google Chrome. The third option from the bottom, Settings. Select it.

Step four: Now you will be taken inside the various settings of the Google Chrome. Scroll down till you find the Default Browser section.

Step five: Select the Default browser option.

Step six: Now you will enter the default settings sections of your system. This section handles the default applications for different formats of data such as web browser, maps, photo viewer, video player etc. Under the default Web Browser option, select Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.

That's how you can select the default search engine in Chrome when you are using Chrome on a PC or Macbook.

Second Method on how to change the default search engine in Chrome

There is another way on how to change the default search engine in Chrome in your Windows 10 PC. The steps are:

Step one: Select the Windows logo icon on your desktop.

Step two: On the bottom-left side of the screen you will find the settings option. Click on it.

Step three: There you will find the Apps & Features option. Go there.

Step four: On the left-hand side of the taskbar you will find five options under the App section. the second option from the top is the option where you can select the default apps for various formats. Select Default Apps.

Step five: here you will be able to change the default apps for running various formats of data. here you can choose the default apps for launching maps, mail, music, photo, video and lastly, web browser. Click on it.

Step six: You will see a dropdown list of all the installed applications that can open a web page. Generally, a PC has firefox, opera and Microsoft Edge for Windows and Safari for Macbook. If you have installed the Google Chrome application before, you will see it in the list. Select it.

Remember, the use of Google Chrome is not limited only to PC or Macbooks. Nowadays all the Android smartphones are powered by Google. Hence the use of Google Chrome has been made easy in such devices too. When you are using Chrome on your Android smartphone the process of changing the default search engine in Chrome is slightly different.

Third Method on how to change the default search engine in Chrome

When you are using your Android smartphone or an iPhone this is how you can change your default search engine in Chrome:

Step one: Open Google Chrome on your Smartphone.

Step two: On the top-right, you will see three dotted like an icon. It denotes the settings of Google Chrome. Click on it.

Step three: From the drop-down box that appears, second from the bottom, select the Settings option.

Step four: Below the sign in option, under the basics, the first option you will find is that of the Search engine. It is the option where you can change the default search engine for the internet of your device.

Step five: Select the first option i.e. Google or Note: Generally, if you haven't installed any web browser, you will get to choose from Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

When you select the default search engine, it will ask from you to get the Location from your device and wants to handle the notifications. Accept it or you will not be able to experience the ease of accessing Google Chrome across devices. Make sure you have signed in to your Gmail account or other accounts when using Google Chrome. This will help you to synchronize your Chrome settings across devices and also to get you Chrome account as it was before the reset.