Tuesday, July 23, 2019

10 Amazing Photo Editing Applications for Android

With every click or selfie of yours you look forward to bring out the best in it. But you obviously don’t want to open your laptop and do all the Lightroom and Photoshop for a single picture. It’s a different thing if you want to experiment with your photography skills. However, each and every phone photographer wants to showcase the talent and the perspective. Agree it or not! Phone photography is more challenging than the DSLR Shots, with the difference in quality and lack of controls it is pretty hard to bring out what you want to show.

And for your aid enlisted are some applications which will help you to improve the quality of your pictures. All these applications in the list have been chosen carefully, keeping in mind the tools required by photographers.

Please Note: If you are a beginner then try to get familiar with some basic terms and functions like middle tones, curves, the color tones RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and CYMK (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, black), white balance, shadow balance, exposure, etc.

Here are the 10 best applications:


The interface of Snapseed is pretty simple and clean. One can use it very easily once they get a grab on it. At the beginning it might take some time to get used to the app. The more you spend time in this application you can easily grab hold of the controls.  Being an application from Google you would surely want to try this!

Snapseed screenshots

It features numerous controls and tools which will surely help you perfect you pictures. I tried to edit some random pictures from my phone with no photography skills, which turned pretty good. It provides you with tools like glamour glow, drama, brush which provides you with dodge and burn, exposure, temperature, saturation, vignette, text, crop and other basic tools. What I liked about this application is the amount of customization you can put into your picture. It provides you with some very important instruments which you can kind in professional softwares Photoshop and Lightroom.

Snapseed Screenshot

Snapseed showcases tools like selective which help users to edit attributes like brightness, contrast, saturation, structure for each element separately, curves which assists you to adjust the red green and blue tones of the picture, healing which is more or less like the cloning tool, and lens blur which will not limit you to blur in a default direct you can transform the shape of the radial blur in any shape. Moreover, it allows you to transform the image with options like rotate, scale, free transformation and the perspective transformation similar to the options in Photoshop. In all for editing image on your phone, this application has everything which it takes. You can export your images in the form of jpeg without losing the quality of your pictures. However, rendering the images may take a few seconds.

Some drawbacks are the controls are pretty near to the notification bar of your phone which disturbs the overall editing experience. Adding to it, the application takes time to process and export the images. However, the process of editing on professional front needs a lot of patience, so this might help you in that matter!

Download: Snapseed for free

2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC:

The list on editing applications and softwares are always incomplete without mentioning Adobe! The Interface of the application is pretty simple, and mess- free with well – organized tools. The app is quite simple to use and brings out the best in the picture. This application has a combined set of tools which Photoshop and Lightroom consists.

Photoshop Lightroom cc

It features many essential tools like filters, white balance, split tone, temperature, effects like clarity, dehaze, vignette, midpoint, etc), detail and many other features. However, the free version only gives you hands on experience with few tools. You can upgrade this app for unveiling other features like the selective feature, sharing images on web, editing raw pictures from your all the cameras you have, adjusting and fixing the perspective, 100GB cloud storage and a lot more.

Moreover, the apps auto preset feature assists users to click RAW images, in three different modes: Pro, HDR and Auto mode accompanied with 5 effects. It also allows you see the results before you capture the photo. You can take it up a notch by upgrading with application for $4.99 per month. Trust me you won’t regret!

Download: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC for free (upgrade by availing monthly package)

3. Photo Director:

To my surprise Photo director is a pretty good application for editing. It has a simple and neat UI which is easy to understand and simple to use. All the tools editing are presented in the taskbar below. It provides with a numerous variety of tools.

Photo Director

It consists of tools like blender, adjust which includes curves, HSL, HDR, Tone, Saturation, etc, transform, Removal ( including the red eye removing tool), effects, layers, cut out, and others. What makes it unique is the cut out tool, object removing tool and overlays tool! The app features this tool which is very simple to use. You can select the desired the portion like which selects the whole subject like the magic selection from Photoshop. After selecting it suggests you with some backdrops and wit an option to choose your desired image for background. The object removing is good, but it has its own flaws. It removes small objects and shadows till an extent but it couldn’t grab a lot of my attention.

Photo Director

Photo director is packed with a set of overlays and blenders. You can select any overlay of your choice and adjust the opacity of it. However, in blender, you can choose the desired overlay and use the blending options. Users can also resize the overlays in the blender option. Users also have the freedom to opt for the Camera and Collage options which works really good. The camera option of this app provides you with a variety of lens filters with an option to adjust their intensities. Moreover, the cut out tools works pretty good, you can use the cut out in another picture and put on some filters to make it a bit realistic.

Download: Photo Director for free

4. Cymera:

Cymera provides you with the right set of editing tools when you want to beautify your pictures. This application comes with two modes: beauty camera mod and edit mode. This is a perfect application designed to take selfies with more than 200 make up filters.


It gives you the options to perfect your long angle shots by perfecting your boy curves. You can whiten your skin, make your eyes big, make your smile wider, use concealer, softening, etc. It is a perfect app for giving touch ups to your body and face overall.

Download: Cymera for free

5. Aviary Photo Editor:

Aviary is probably the next best photo editor I know! It has some really nice set of editing tools and options which are organized neatly on the panel. The filters are presented in a manner which is very convenient to use and understand.


This application is filled with tools for retouching your pictures which works great the basic needs of editing your pictures. These tools work very efficiently and effectively. Some of the tools like ‘Splash’ allows users to choose selective portions of the image which conserve that subject’s color and turns the other things into black and white. You can also look into the pictures edited by others for editing your pictures. You also have the options for one-tap auto enhance, colour balance, transform tools like crop, rotate and the perspective, adjusting brightness, contrast, colour temperature, and saturation and many other tools.

You can make you pictures even more fun looking by adding the sticker from it. Creating memes will also become easier with this application.

Download: Aviary for free

6. Camly:

Camly is a professional editing software which comes with a simplicity of use. It has unique filters and effects which will make your pictures look really stylish. The effects in this application have been designed specially by the team of professional photographers. This gives you some real good quality effects in various categories like light leaks, vintage, retro, phot effects for your selfies, b&w photographic effects, colour balancing etc.


It also provides you with stickers which will enhance the overall look of your images as well as make them stylish. You can add nice captions to make your pictures even more expressive.

The editing effects are rendered quickly. This app works perfectly for creating memes as well.

Download: Camly for free trial

7. VSCO:

VSCO is widely popular editing application. Its UI is very contains a variety of picture editing tools which are very organized with no mess. It is very easy to use the software and enhances your editing experience.


It presents only four editing tools on the home screen in order to keep the home screen simple and mess free. It provides users with many supreme mobile presets, presets inspired by films and advanced control on the tools. You can also connect to the creative groups in the application and follow them as they publish new edits of their pictures.  You can enjoy the 100 plus classic presets of this application with an annual membership and many other additional tools. The subscription for the pro version is annually INR 1,300.

You won’t regret the decision of shelling out from your pocket. With the huge range of tools an presets and camera controls. You’ll love it!

Download: VSCO for free trial

8. PicsArt:

PicsArt is probably the best thing designed for editing. If you have PicsArt you almost have everything you need! You have the power to edit your pictures in the manner you want. Now, making new stickers, giving special effects, using different kinds of brushes, making collages, making memes and others have become easier with this app.


You can use also use layers and manipulate images beyond others imaginations. PicsArt will keep you engaged with its capabilities of retouching your pictures and its efficiency. You can adjust the RGB curves, crop your images, clone the subjects and cut out your the favourite part of the picture. All the tools provided to you can function in brush mode which enables you to finely tune your pictures and apply effects on selective areas. Making memes or captioning pictures will become easier with the 100+ fonts. Users will be able to use and create cute stickers within no time. You can vividly customize your pictures with no boundaries.

Additionally, you can edit pictures with your friends, take part in contests and challenges and many more. However, the ads keep poping which kind off breaks your flow, but overall this appliction is really good.

Download: PicsArt for free

9. Pixlr:

This application works perfectly well to when it comes to creating collage. Pixlr welcomes you with a well designed interface which is pretty easy to use and provides you with an ample number of tools. Just like the many other applications it provides you with all the tools to make your picture the best.


You can customize you collages with different kind of layouts and adjust the spacing and colour of the chosen layout. You can use style your pictures with the pencil effect, ink sketch, give poster effect and other effects. Basic features like colour balancing, auto fix, giving captions with different kinds of fonts, crop and other tools are available. You can use colour splash by selecting a particular colour. Users are provided with a huge number of overlays, borders, and effects which will help you to give the best touch ups to your pictures.

Download: Pixlr for free

10. Toolwiz Photos Editor:

Toolwiz is the best tool kit you can have for mending all the repairs in your pictures. Its interface is a neat and simple which functions smoothly. All the tools are organised properly which are easy to reach out while editing.


Creating reflection, colour correcting underwater images, giving a smudgy look to your images, correcting the night images, defog your selfies and use many other awesome tools. You can do absolutely anything with this application. You can touch up the pictures with all the necessary details and fix them. Users can also make use of additional tools like face swap, toning your face and body, and slimming and stretching your images for adding height.

It also features a ‘Moments’ section which presents the pictures chosen by the user in a short movie format, the user can change the visuals and music by choosing from the themes provided to you.

Download: Toolwiz Photos for free


All the photo editing apps mentioned here are best in their own ways. You can choose your editing application according to your preferred choices. Let us know which app do you use for editing your phone photography.