Types of viruses and their effects on your PC

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Virus attacks on computer are more harmful that shows up more damage to the computer. It is important to analyze the actions that a virus performs in one’s system and also the activities that are possible to occur over time. This helps in protecting your PC with needful security system to safeguard the secure information.

types of computer viruses

Some of the warnings that a computer shows when infected are

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  • Computer performance slowed down.
  • Your computer gets restarted frequently on itself.
  • You get more prompt messages with unusual errors and collapse of operations.
  • Failure in application functionality to meet up to the mark.
  • Crushed data that are change in format and difficult to reopen.
  • Files and documents do not get opened at times with error or unknown file formats.

Types of Computer viruses

There are different types of computer virus that are present today that cause more harmful disastrous effects on the system operations.

Boot Sector Virus

These types of virus impinge on the disk and the hard drive that holds small section referred as the sectors. Mater Boot Record in the boot purposes the function of reading and loading the operating System. Once the boot sector is virus attacked they become infected when your reboot the system with the infected diskette it spreads through the hard drive. Anti-virus software is the only source that can clear off the virus leaving the disk and hard drive clean from the infections.

Multipartite viruses

It’s a form of hybrid boot sector program virus that affects the programming files. While the infected program is activated it hits the boot record. When the system is restarted it subsequently passes on the infection to other local drive in your computer scattering on the virus to the other programming files instantly.

Program Virus

The program virus is kept hidden in the files or documents, once they are activated or called they start infecting the system by copying the virus to other files and replicating to the system.

Polymorphic Virus

The Polymorphic virus behaves like a chameleon that changes its virus signature frequently once they get multiplied and ready to affect the next new-fangled file. It is also referred to as binary pattern. It is hard to identify the infected file and also the bug causing program with the help of an effective anti-virus software program.

Active X and Java Control

Some of the unblocked programs from internet access also perform the activity of damaging the computer system at once. Users who are not aware of the utility procedures of the web browser allows the invade of certain programs that infect the system activities and performance by enabling and disabling various files with adverse actions, more error messages are prompted with pop-ups and other such adverse actions include the restriction of functionalities of normal programs.

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