5 Websites To Read Customer Reviews

Website reviews can help you in knowing the Trustworthiness of a particular site. Internet is widening its empire day by day and at the same time new security threats are posed to its users and that’s why Website reviewing sites have aroused. Website reviewing sites generally depend on user reviews because no one accepts/believes in corporate reviews. These sites will be of great help when you are purchasing something from an unknown site, you just need to check the ratings and you’re done!

Consumer review check list
Consumer review check list



It’s a popular Safe browsing tool which also allows the users to review websites. As it’s the largest website reviewing community, you can see ratings for normal (unpopular) sites too! To check Website ratings/reviews, head on to MyWot and type the website address in the search box, you will be shown the user ratings and reviews based on four factors; they are Trustworthiness, Vendor Reliability, Privacy and Child Safety.

You don’t even have to register in order to rate a site! It also tracks when someone bookmarks the website (in delicious, Google bookmarks, Diigo etc). It also provides Add-ons, Extensions for safer browsing. Whenever you visit an unsecure site, you will get a popup informing you about the site. With these Add-ons, you can rate the sites right from the page you are viewing. This extension also checks the links mentioned in every webpage, A Green circle means safe, Orange circle means caution and Red circle means stop. If you are a Site Owner then you can buy “Wot Trust Seal” which can help you in increasing sales and reputation.

Link: MyWot



Bubbalon is a new way to share and express your likes, loves and everything in between about anything in your world. Bubbalon is a place where you can find trusted opinions from experts, your friends and people you trust. The company is working to put Bubbalon wherever you are so that you can capture your emotions when they matter most, as you experience them. Whether it’s from your PC or your favorite mobile device, you can share your sentiments and rate things on-the-fly, adding to a trusted community of opinions.

For Website reviews check their Websites section. As the site is new, you won’t find many reviews but you can add new websites to its database. Bubbalon is also available as iPhone app, download it from here. If you’re an Android user then don’t forget to checkout their Android app.

Link: Bubbalon


Rate It All

RateItAll is the fun and social way to find and share reviews about anything. You can rate and build top ten lists about anything. You can even promote your products or Website by adding it to Rate It All database and get it reviewed by its users. What makes it different from the rest of the reviewing sites is their Revenue sharing policy. If you have an Adsense account then you can earn from Rate It All by just reviewing sites, building top ten lists and adding new items to its database! Take a look at their Website reviews.

Link: Rate It All


Talk Reviews

TalkReviews.com has come up with an innovative method that allows internet users globally, to express their opinion, both good and bad, of websites all over the world. TalkReviews.com provides you with instant statistics including, traffic stats, page rank, alexa rank, link stats, and much more. As they have a good user base many of the PTC (Paid to click), PTR (Paid to read) sites are reviewed there, so you can avoid scams easily! All in all they have reviewed 23,36,000 sites!

Link: Talk Reviews


SitePoint Forums

My last choice would be this because this is not a site, it’s a forum so obviously it won’t have an archive of the sites reviewed but instead you can search the forum posts. You can get your site reviewed here in very less time as it has a good number of users.

Link: SitePoint



  1. Nice suggestions -
    The only problem I see with review sites is that the typicall person will go out of their way to post a bad experience, but a good website people will not take the time to post a good review.

  2. Since reading this, I've thought a lot about review sites. I've even gone back to Bubbalon and submitted a few sites for review. I know it'll take a while to catch on, but I really like what I see there!


  3. These tips are extremely beneficial. These are things that anyone can easily do to improve a blog. It seems self-evident to write what you love, to direct your content toward your community, etc. but these simple goals can often be pushed to the side in pursuit of sheer number of readers. Thanks for the info shared here.

  4. Wow, I never would have thought about utilizing these types of tools before! In fact, it had never occurred to me to check this out.

    This is great stuff!


  5. Well thanks for sharing nice sources but now most of the sites are doing paid reviews and most customer reviews are also paid . If you in IM from last few years than you can easily notice such things . I always prefer to search the product info on different sections and then plan to buy them .

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