How Link Building has Changed Over the Years

Fast-forward to a post-Penguin world, link building has become far more risky than it used to be a couple of years ago, rendering many of the older strategies completely unusable or even harmful. But despite the major changes brought by the Penguin algorithm update, link building hasn’t changed as much as most brands think. While

The Future of Digital Publishing—FlipHTML5 Animated Flipbook

It is said that flipbooks are the ideal format and presentation model for modern digital publishing today. Yes, with the rich content, amazing flipping effect and animated reading experience, online flipbook delivers a comfortable reading experience to the readers. FlipHTML5 Company values the reading experience and develops FlipHTML5 as responsive HTML5 digital publishing tool. It

9 Best Features of iOS 9

Apple recently unveiled iOS 9 which will be used in the upcoming iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. These are the best 9 features of iOS 9.   Siri   The new Siri would help you in performing your tasks better in everyday life. It would create reminders for you and would learn your everyday routine

Why CRM Technology is the Best Approach for Small Businesses

It wasn’t too long ago that appointment scheduling involved mountains of paper, hardback agendas, accountants’ ledgers, and overflowing datebooks. Today, scheduling software with integrated Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) has become the new personal organizer. Not only is it useful for data storage, syncing and organization, but online scheduling also enables SMBs to be more