Top 3 Gadgets to Help You Blog Better

There are many gadgets that any blogger can use for blogging. Some gadgets are not good for blogging while some are interesting blogging gadgets that you can consider for your blogging career tool. I have been using many cool gadgets to write blog posts on my Gravity Defyer and 48hourprint blog for a while now and I know how helpful most of these gadgets work. And, I am ready to share the secrets with you here in this article.

In this guest posts are the three top gadgets that you can use to blog better whether you are using a wordpress blog or any other content management software like blogger and others.


wordpress on ipad productivity
iPad is known to be one of the coolest blogging tool ever produced by Apple. The device works great when it comes to adding contents to website. It can open any form of website without stress. It does not have much problems associated with Javascript and others because most blogging platforms depends on this criteria. Especially, wordpress CMS is a JavaScript based content management site and this phone can open the site without much stress. You can count on Apple iPad for your content inputting tasks without stress.


wordpress for blackberry productivity

Blackberry is another mobile phone that has many cool features just like iPad. It is super epic when it comes to blogging and social networking activities. You can write, edit and correct blog post from your blackberry gadget without the need of waiting for a computer to perform such task. Apart from writing posts alone with the phone, there are many other things that you can use the phone for instead of one thing and some of them are the ability to approve comments, ability to edit guest posts and others. In addition, tracking your website visitors is very easy with this device because you have the ability to view website visitors with ease.

Moreover, blackberry has special blogging software tool specified for wordpress blog in case you have one. You can access this software from your blackberry phone by pointing your browser to and then download it there. After downloading the software, you can then start to use it so that you can be able to write posts, edit post, and approve comment, view traffic report, and some other things easily.



wordpress on iphone productivity

This device is the master among all mobile gadgets that are good for blogging activities. You will not want to do without this gadget as a blogger because of the functionality and benefits you can get from using it for your blogging career.

Very soon now, iPhone 5 will be release by Apple and many people will buy it, including me. Why do I have to do that? It is because of the benefit that I am going to get from using it.

As a blogger who is looking for ways to get better blogging, you need cool gadgets that you can use to make your work faster.


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