Finding a Balance Between Mobile Trends and Tradition

In today’s technological climate, there’s no denying that mobile phones are, for many, their main (if not only) source of internet access and an avenue to make purchases online. Indeed, most major retailers and online sellers have designed mobile versions of their desktop counterparts, or have created mobile apps to do away with having to visit their website altogether. It would then make sense to assume that focusing marketing strategies around mobile trends and use would be a sound move. However, it could also be an unwise placing of all your eggs in one basket for several reasons.

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mobile trends and tradition

Mobile Data Plans Restrict Options For Many Users

Desktop internet is safely assumed to be available to anyone in today’s world. From children at school on communal machines to pensioners getting kitted up with a laptop and a router, it’s a far cry from ten years ago when most of us had to sit and bear the several minutes of buzzing and whistling whilst our modems dialled up. But, in the same way that broadband has taken over from traditional metered internet, mobile connections do not unfortunately share the same generous access rights for many users; it is, in effect, the ‘dial up’ of its time, rather new and constantly evolving. The average person has only a limited data plan and so will often wait until they are around a WiFi or desktop connection before looking at a mobile site or app…worth bearing in mind before investing in a fully fledged mobile marketing plan.

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Mobile Marketing Is More Instant

It’s not all doom and gloom on the mobile marketing front, however. The fact of the matter is that mobile marketing is now more ‘in your face’ and instantly available than ever before. One push of a button, and tens of thousands of text messages or images can be sent to your customers en masse. With mass marketing tariffs available to advertising agencies, the cost of a stamp suddenly sounds massive, and the delivery time slow and unreliable. Text messages are also more likely to be read due to their basic format and small size.

Similarly, auction sites such as eBay and Madbid turn over millions each year through the mobile versions of their pages and specific apps; real time bidding is now at the touch of a button, as opposed to having to wait to get to a desktop PC. And with eBay now running advertisements on their page, there is no shortage of people lining up to buy space.

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Social Marketing Is The Norm

The sad reality is that people will now opt to contact each over through the various social marketing methods available to them. But check any Facebook feed and it’s now peppered with advertisements, which companies have paid for. And the costs are surprisingly low due to the high turnover of rotating adverts. This is more effective than any billboard or magazine advertisement can hope to be in this day and age.

There’s no right or wrong answer to whether a company should fully tailor their advertising model around mobiles and their internet capabilities. It’s still an evolving medium, but one that has truly unlocked the power of the right advertising. Finding that balance point between being effective and choosing the right specific avenues to advertise down is the hard part.

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