Five Amazing Discord Spoilers Facts You Didn’t Know 5 Minutes Ago!

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How irritated do you feel when you get a spoiler of your favorite series or movie? (Only until your best friends have decided to give you the spoiler xD) We all know it sucks and to make our life a bit easier Discord has this super amazing feature which got launched a year ago, DISCORD spoiler image mobile command finally added spoiler tags to their service!!!

Discord Spoilers

Discord lets you decorate your messages with emojis, gifs, and images, but some people are completely unaware of how they can use Markdown formatting features to achieve more unique effects that can be a life savior. You can also Fix The Discord JavaScript Error In Less Than 5 Minutes  Using keyboard commands on your computer or mobile device can change the way viewers and readers see the content you publish.

This incredibly useful feature enables users to add all sorts of formatting to messages, including bold, italics, code formatting, and spoiler tags.

Discord Spoiler image mobile command tags are useful to alert others that you are about to give information about something that someone is not ready for. Once this tag is added another user will only see a grey or black box over the content.

Let’s take a look at how you can add spoilers on discord tags to messages in Discord.

Before going further what exactly is DISCORD?

  • Discord is a group-chatting platform which was originally built for gamers, but now is being used for a variety of applications
  • Discord is divided into servers, each of which has its members, topics, rules, and channels.
  • Discord also allows users to voice- and video chat, as well as live stream games and other programs from computers, phones, etc.

A fun fact DISCORD has been featured among several lists of top 10 messaging apps in the world. Yes, it’s that popular among the young generation. Discord spoiler image mobile are hidden messages or surprises which can be seen by just tapping on them. Users usually use them to share something without spoiling the fun or suspense for others in a group. For example, the climax of a movie, a twist in a book, the end of a series on Netflix, and many more. In the new update from DISCORD users can now put spoilers on messages they send, how cool is that?

Here’s how to mark spoiler Discord on a desktop client, Android, iPhone, or iPad.

There are a variety of ways as to how to use the discord spoiler image mobile, command tag click on Text and Images and click on either of the three options according to your choice.

Discord on a desktop

Oops, this could have been such a big spoiler but the SPOILER on discord TAG saved us!!!

discord spoiler

And when you tap on this blacked-out area beware you are ready to face your spoiler alert. Discord will unhide the spoiler text. (So be careful of what you click on. It can spoil your mood 🙁  

Some points to make a note of:-

If at some point you leave the platform and again come the text would be blacked out again. So it leaves you another chance of not opening and reading the entire spoiler.

In the case of images and videos, after you mark them a spoiler, it looks like this:-


Gives a blurred image and just as you tap on it the spoiler is out and you can read or download the video. Very similar to text, once you leave the channel, the image/video will become hidden again. But unfortunately, you can’t unsee what you’ve seen.

How to Use Spoilers on Discord

  1.  In your chat highlight the specific part of the message you want to mark as a discord spoiler command once you have done that right-click.
  2. You will see an option of “ Mark as Spoiler in discord”
  3. Send the message and notice it comes with the black box.
mark as spoiler

Universal method of how to mark spoilers on discord:

There is a universal method for both Android and iOS apps of Discord to send the spoilers in discord message.

  1. Open a chat inside the Discord app.
  2. Wrap the text in bars ||Insert spoiler|| and they will appear as a spoilers on discord.

Method for iOS Users only spoilers in discord:

  1. Inside the chat, highlight the message and long-press on it.
  2. Select the “Mark as spoilers in discord” option.
label as spoiler

Using the Discord Spoiler Command slash on Discord

Discord has a bunch of Slash commands /, like /tts, which is used to convert text to speech. So it contains a slash command for spoilers but unlike the first 2 methods, this method marks the entire message as a spoiler, so you can’t just mark a part of the message.

This is the fastest way to mark a message as a spoiler. Simply type /spoiler at the start of your message.

edit channel

Once you press Enter, Discord will mark the entire message as a spoiler and blur it out in black

Like this:


Marking Images/Videos as Spoilers on Discord

Marking images as spoilers in discord on PC is extremely easy as you have to press the plus icon to the left of your message box a window comes in you can select the image or video you want to send before clicking discord will ask you if you want to mark it as a spoiler press YES.

spoilers on discord


Now that you know about the Spoiler in discord tag. Here are some other markdown commands you can use to format your text in Discord:

  • Italic: _text_ or *text*
  • Bold: **text**
  • Underline: __text__ [use _ twice]
  • Bold & Italic: ***text***
  • Underline & Italic: *__text__* or __*text*__ or ___text___ [use _ thrice]
  • Underline & Bold: **__text__** or __**text**__
  • underline bold italics: __***text***__ or ***__text__***
  • S?t?r?i?k?e?t?h?r?o?u?g?h?: ~~t?e?x?t?~~
  • Quote: >text

Hopefully, now you will never accidentally give spoilers in Discord with movie or series spoilers. Using Discord spoiler image mobile command tags is extremely easy, especially if you’re on a PC but works amazingly on your phone if you know the exact hacks!!!

Discord is a fun place where all friends can have some amazing time while playing games and keeps everyone occupied and connected. These hacks may be useful to everyone and create that perfect fun element that we always look for when we are spending time with our close ones.

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