Are The Old Cold-Therapy Induced Cryotherapy Machines Worth A Shot?

A Cryotherapy machine is the equipment involved in the process of whole-body cryotherapy. This machine is also called a cryosauna (cryo cabin) or cryo chamber. It works on Cryotherapy technology that gradually absorbs the heat of the subcutaneous(under the skin) fat. To understand the usage statistics and benefits of this machine, let us first dive deep into the cryotherapy process. 


What is Cryotherapy?

Cryo in Greek means cold, so we may coil the term cryotherapy as cold therapy, as well. Thus, Cryotherapy refers to the use of extremely low temperatures. It is highly implemented in medical therapy, beauty procedures, healing sports injuries, and others. 

It is a process employing cold therapy to your skin and body. The famous Greek doctor Hippocrates, popularly known as the father of medicines, was one of the first persons, who adopted the healing powers of ice, in treating various diseases. Well, now the same ice is replaced by liquid nitrogen, which has a temperature of approximately -196°C.

Birth of the technology

While the idea of using ice is dated back to the time of Hippocrates, another implementation of this technology was seen in the 1970s, when Toshima Yamauchi, a Japanese Professor, endorsed the same for the cure of rheumatoid arthritis. The cryo or cold therapy was successfully implemented by Professor Toshima Yamauchi, which relieved about 80% of seriously ill patients from symptoms of diseases and pain.

Following these studies, a cryotherapeutic module was started in the clinic of Professor Reinhard Fricke, in 1984. And since then, the world is continuously absorbing the revitalizing capabilities of this cold therapy. 

The anesthetic effect of Cryotherapy

The cryotherapeutic procedure, by itself, is just an act of cooling the patients’ body surface and doesn’t extend any magic of cure, but it induces a therapeutic and regenerative mechanism in the patient’s body that works. In this treatment, the temperature of the mixture of nitrogen vapor and the surrounding air is brought down up to -180°C, whereas the temperature on the human skin is adjusted to the levels of + 5 to +12 °C. As a response to this cold stressful effect, the body activates the immune system. Thereby stimulating the regenerative mechanism in the body.

 Thereupon, a noticeable anesthetic effect is self-generated in the body that releases endorphins into the blood. The whole activity assimilates inflammatory mediators i.e histamine and serotonin falls.

Thus, the most prominent and significant effect of cryogenic therapy is the improvement of the immune system. 

Positive effects of Cryotherapy


In the medical field, cryotherapy helps in recovering from illness or surgery. The process rejuvenates the skin and heals skin diseases, thereby improving general well-being.


According to sports experts, Cryotherapy is found to boost the immune system. The process of regeneration, which is claimed to be tuff and time-consuming process, is wonderfully formulated by this technology. Cryotherapy initiates regeneration processes in the body and so is commonly used in modern sports medicine. Cryotherapy also expedites rehabilitation after injuries.


The various outcomes of cryotherapy sessions aim at maintaining beauty and helping the cosmetics industry. These cold-therapy sessions improve blood circulation and eliminate dead skin. It is an excellent anti-aging therapy that removes toxins from the body.

Window to Cryotherapy machines and processes

Well, Cryotherapy has many different processes and machines exercised hugely in many cures related to skin and other chronic ailments. Let’s explore a few of the techniques and their benefits. 

What is whole-body Cryotherapy? Who needs it? 

Whole-body therapy is a complex form of cryotherapy that involves cryosauna or cryo chambers like  Cryomed Pro or Cryomed One.  It is one of the most common types of cryotherapy and is done with the help of a large device that can fit in the patient. 

whole-body Cryotherapy

The patient is then subjected to temperatures as low as -170°C for unique therapeutic purposes. The process aids in enriching the necessary enzymes and the level of oxygen in the blood, as also increases the blood flow to internal organs.

This kind of cryotherapy is used universally by professionals in sports, medical, and rehab centers. Whole-body Cryotherapy, with its multiple health benefits, like pain and stress relief, fast cellular recovery, and proper blood circulation, demonstrates remarkable efficiency in the recovery process in patients as well as the treatment of chronic disorders and conditions.

What is Local Cryotherapy? Who needs it?

As against whole-body cryotherapy, local cryotherapy is the process of short-term application of extremely low temperatures to a specific local area of the patient’s body. This procedure is 100% safe and demonstrates outstanding relief from back, elbow, knee, or other joint pains. It is also very effective in healing skin damage, muscle tensions, and ligament sprains. 

local cryotherapy

Local Cryotherapy involves simple portable and easy to use devices like  Cryomed Cryofan CF-04 and Cryomed Cryofan CF-05. This type of Cryotherapy is beneficial in local area treatments and improves physical performance. It helps provide long-term pain relief and gives fast muscle recovery. 

In the beauty sector, it improves blood circulation, thereby improvising the skin tone, reducing wrinkles and other aging factors. 

How does a Cryotherapy machine work?

Cryotherapy machines work with liquid nitrogen as its key component. A liquid nitrogen dewar is used to plumb liquid nitrogen into the device. 

More about Liquid Nitrogen 

Well, if you ask a child about nitrogen, the simple answer to it would be Nitrogen is 78% of the air that we breathe. This nitrogen in the liquid form at low temperatures(?195.79 °C or ?320 °F) is liquid nitrogen. This liquid nitrogen that is colorless and low viscosity liquid is widely used as a coolant and is derived by industrial fractional distillation of liquid air. Liquid nitrogen has a brilliant ability to maintain temperature far below the freezing point of water.

Types of Cryotherapy machine

Cryotherapy machines are differentiated with the options for nitrogen feed. They are

  1. Non-pressurized Dewar tanks– smaller and easier to handle,
  2. Bigger pressurized containers– heavier and bigger, but money-saving. 

That said, the majority of cryotherapy machines are made with the idea of ease and comfort. They provide cushioning in the interior and bolster advanced security features.

They come in handy with wireless controls, touch-sensitive information displays, and even a built-in audio system. 

The price of cryotherapy machines depends on additional features and variations. 

Wrapping Up

The extreme cold used in this therapy causes blood to rush to the torso. The brain stimulates the blood to insulate and protect all the vital body organs. This rush of oxygenated blood heals many ailments and rejuvenates the skin and vital organs. Many patients with multiple ailments and issues and pains with different body organs have mentioned this therapy as a great success. 

Even athletes claim that cryotherapy speeds up their muscle recovery process thereby helping them to improve their performances. It provides an overall positive effect on soft body tissues and tends to slow down muscle soreness. Well, there are a whole lot of potential benefits of cryotherapy that still are in studies. Let’s hope to reap the benefits of this old cold therapy, at the earliest. 

Are The Old Cold-Therapy Induced Cryotherapy Machines Worth A Shot? 1
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