Top 12 Most Useful Discord Bots

Gamers are very familiar with Discord, they all know what it is. It is basically a cross-platform chat service which gamers use to communicate with the team members. It is used by people across the globe by game clans to chat over voice or text. Some bots can help you share memes while some can show you a detailed scorecard. It is a great way to customize your gaming experience through some cool features by adding bots to the server. Discord bots are very popular amongst gamers and are used internationally. They are honestly quite fun to use, and adds a spice to your gaming experience. There are hundreds of discord bots available in the market, they have many different uses, some are really productive while some are well, not so productive but more fun based.

We have picked out some useful discord bots which you might want to try out!

Top 12 Most Useful Discord Bots 1

Dyno Bot

If you are new to the Discord Bot world, Dyno bot should definitely be your first pick. I am sure you have heard about this before if you are a gamer. What it basically does is, it gives you complete freedom over the features like auto moderation, bans spammers, you can even set timed mutes on certain accounts. The updated version also helps to raid spam in your respective game community chat box, and even detect mass-mention. It is one of the top rated bots out there, and almost every gamer has it installed in their server. So one should definitely have this as an essential must-have.

2. MemezBot

It is a bot full of features, and it is quite a package in itself. Some of its features include, custom announcement airing, when a user is banned from the game, or even if someone joins or leaves. It also comes with Clever Bot Integration so you can use it to post stats, stream music, showcase google results, etc. If that wasn’t enough it can even allocate certain roles to users and also post AFK statuses if you are away from the keyboard. Is it not like your dedicated personal assistant while you're gaming?

We all know memes are currently ruling the Internet. People thrive off of them for their momentary happiness. We often find ourselves sharing them with our friends in groups. Well, this bot is made for just that, for all the meme lovers. Won't it be fun to share some relatable memes with your gamer buddies in Discord. MeMezBot, helps you to share some dank memes within the Discord community. They have it all, from cute dog memes, to savage Neo Anderson memes. Conversations become so much better with this bot, it adds an extra dose of fun to your gaming experience.

Another feature that it holds, is similar to the 'Ok Google' feature. You can call MemezBot and give it fun commands like, "Hi MemezBot, tell me story about your mama," you can even share random sound clips in the chatbox. We get it, this cannot be really 'productive' but come on, what is gaming all about? Fun!

There are a few more bots which serve cool memes, like 'pbot,' 'Dank Memer' which are great as well, but MeMez Bot is definitely on the favorites.

3. GameStats

Do we need to explain more? It is another must-have on the list. GameStats will help you to set up a standard profile yourself, almost like a resume, and you can share this with all your friends from the community. The best part is, it is not based on just one game, you can club all the games together like, Dota, Farcry, PubG, World of Worships, Rust, Outlast, etc.

The command system of GameStats can be quite tricky, but you will get a hang of it soon. To create a profile in it, you have to type ".gs profile" and follow that by adding a gameaccount for yourself by inputting ".gs add unplay' If you would like to find out which all games that you play are supported in GameStats is by typing in .gs accounts and you're done! It is another standard bot that you should beinstalling. It is a great way to brag and also have a personal benchmark foryourself to know where are you heading in the game community and how much youhave achieved overtime. So, we suggest you to put this in your checklist ofdiscord bots you should get.

4. Tatsumaki

We can probably call this bot the king of User engagement. This is what the Tatsumaki bot stands for. It helps you increase your user engagement. It helps to motivate you to sign into the server of the owner and create interactions with other accounts. I think all the introverts here would be interested in bots like this one because it would almost force you to interact with other gamers of your community and maybe learn a trick or two.

Some other features of Tatsumaki include, member score systems, global user profiles and ranks, leaderboards of scores, etc. It can also help you to manage your chat, customize the profiles, get a more detailed point system, moderation commands, welcome messages, and many other features. Like Dyno Bot it also helps you to search Google, stream music, update RSS feed, etc.

The interactive user engagement feature will also help you to earn XP and levels. Another cool thing about Tatsumaki is that it depicts your gaming profile in a very visually creative card form, which helps you interact with users easily. And it’s also a very fun way to express your user account, with some money you can even customize your appearance a per your liking.

5. Trivia Bot

Most people use Discord for voice chats, and to have some spicy or interesting discussions after the game but Trivia Bot takes to a whole another level, it is like a game inception of the gaming community. It basically is a multiplayer game, which has thousands of questions segregated into 24 categories. It is like a small fun game to test how much you know and also increase your engagement. The categories are not necessarily just about gaming, there are other topics like science, nature, sports, etc.

It is probably the easiest bot to figure out with only three commands. First is the "trivia help" which can help you to know about the other commands, second is "trivia categories" which helps you pick a category or topic from where the questions will be asked and "trivia start" which means you can start the game. It is a very interesting bot, it makes you think but at the same time, it's fun to learn new things with your friends.

6. GAwesome Bot

Another multi-purpose bot in your list. This is a great discord bot to add for beginners. The customization options on this bot are crazy. It's forte is moderation in the chats, but along with that it also brings a lot of cool features which can help you increase the user activity on your server. Like some other bots mentioned here, it can ban users, kick them, and also award them. Other than that you can also create fun memes, conduct polls, organize giveaways, etc.

What takes the cake here is its Robustextension system. What it basically means is, you can stream some awesome music from Youtube, research on Wikipedia, explore Reddit and even show results from Google. Another thing you can do is, organize your RSS feed. It is an all in one package, and if you don’t want to clutter your server with more apps you can definitely go for this one as a staple.

7. Rythym Bot

This ones for all the music lovers. This bot will not just help you stream music from Youtube, it does a lot more than that. The stats show that around 1.7 million discord servers have downloaded this bot. It helps you stream music from all the different servers like Soundcloud, Twitch, etc and not just Youtube. Another amazing feature of this bot is, that it even shows you lyrics of the songs. What else can one need anyway. This feature makes the Bot very unique. Currently Discord has a lot of cool music bots but this is in my opinion, the best. It is one of the most used bots out there. Specially with the lyrics feature, it becomes even more cooler.

8. ZanderCraft 

Zandercraft is another on the must-have list. This discord bot is all about productivity, GIFs, and fun! It is a complete package like Dyno Bot. The main feature of this bot is that it can play XHD and Hi-Fi music. So this bot is another special one for music lovers but it has a lot of other features too. To listen to any sort of music all you have to do is put in the command, '+music' <play/pause> to start playing the music or stop it. To add a song in your Zandercraft playlist you have to input the command, '+request' <song name> and it will quickly fetch music from Youtube and Soundcloud.

9. Typical Bot

Typical bot is another useful bot on the list. The name of the bot is quite ironic, and it is also very powerful. It provides all the essential moderation tools, it provides a lot of features like soft-banning, kick or ban or even announce the above on a server. Apart from that, the discord bot even offers some features like music playing, streaming videos, playing mini-games, etc. It's not just any bot that plays music, but you can even completely control all the permissions about the admin, skipping the songs, queuing them and much more. It also does a similar job to MeMezbot, where you can send memes, dog pictures, jokes, information, and much more.

10. Rune Bot

Heard about the well-known game called RuneScape? One basic purpose of this, is to play the RuneScape game right from the server. It can sound a little tricky on how can one play a fantasy game(MMORPG) inside a chat box, but it will surprise you how easy it is. There are a lot of commands in this bot, 113 to be exact.

RS3 and OSRS (Old School RuneScape)commands are quite common. You also get the privilege of a 9/9 Nemi forestalong with GE additions tracker, the portables locations, and also some pricecommands. It is quite amazing to see how developers fit an entire gameaccessible with some simple commands, so sit back and have fun playing.

11. Serum Bot

Another interesting bot in the list is the Serum bot. Once you configure this bot, it automatically becomes like your personal digital assistant. You can do a variety of things with this bot streaming commands to control the server. The functionality might not be as good as Siri, but it is quite a fun bot to have. The best part about Serum is, that now you don't have to minimize your game window to input commands in the servers. All you have to say is 'Hey Serum' and just say what you want it todo. No need to hop between different windows anymore!

12. Neko Bot

Any Anime lovers here? Nekobot is a NSFW discord bot meant for you. It also has a card game of it's own. It is quite a versatile bot, where you can look up random anime pictures. You can even do other fun minute activities like flipping a coin, get certain information, etc. They have over 100 features which make the bot very unique. It goes as far as offering you a cooking recipe! It's just a very random but fun bot to add to your server.

There you have it, a sophisticated list of some of our favorite discord bots from a variety of categories like music, games, memes, etc. So we hope you try one of these bots and let us know if we missed out on your favorite bot in the comments down below.