Chrome Remote Desktop BETA- Remotely access your computer with Chrome Browser

Ever wondered about how to access the computer remotely at your tips via a web browser? This can be done using the new chrome extension Chrome Remote Desktop BETA. You can share your computer with a friend/client provided the other party also has the Google chrome remote desktop beta extension installed. On the other hand you can allow others to share your desktop with them. One can control a remote computer using this extension. Also you can share more of your own computers and control them with Chrome Remote Desktop BETA. This extension can be a very useful online tool when you are stuck on a problem or need an expert’s help.

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA-Overview
From the Chrome Web Store

What exactly is Chrome Remote Desktop BETA?

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA is an online tool which allows you to remotely access your computer, share desktops as if you are right in front of it. Best use of such a tool would be to resolve problems on your pc or get help for some purpose or, instruct someone how to use certain programs, apps etc. on their PC.

Where do I Get this Extension?

Chrome Remote Desktop-ADD
“ADD”ing the Extension

You can directly go to Chrome web store and search for Chrome Remote Desktop BETA and “ADD” it to your Chrome browser. It’s a file of around 25MB.

How do I use Chrome Remote Desktop BETA?

Chrome Remote Desktop-Access Code
Access Code

It’s simple. After adding the extension, select a remote computer you want to access, say your friend’s pc. All you have to do is

  • Get the “Access Code” from your friend, which the Chrome Remote Desktop BETA extension issues on your friends desktop.
  • Use it to gain access and say, help your friend with his problem.

It’s that simple.

Chrome Remote Desktop-PIN
My Computers PIN

If you are accessing your own computer

  • Add them to “My Computers” with each of them equipped with Chrome Remote Desktop BETA.
  • The extension prompts for a PIN, enter a PIN which you will be using later.
  • At the time of access enter the PIN you already saved to access your computer remotely.

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Chrome Remote Desktop BETA is a remarkably good online remote access tool which can help you get through situations requiring online help from experts. Unlike the applications which require prior installation (which take much time to install) Chrome Remote Desktop BETA is a sufficiently fast, reliable and easier way to remotely access your computer.

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA- Remotely access your computer with Chrome Browser 1
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