How to Send Fax Online With HelloFax?

We have discussed “Top 5 Free Online Fax Services” In our earlier post, that post even covers, how online faxing is  beneficial for corporate sectors to save money and time. Using the PC connected to Internet as a fax machine is being a modern trend that replaces traditional method of sending fax.  Online faxing is a new dimension to fax service gifted by internet. Now the question arrives “how to send fax online?”.

The concept of sending and receiving online fax is simple, the document you attach will be moved to recipient from phone line and further gets decoded by the fax machine and then gets printed. Not only PC or laptop but you can also send the the same using tablets and smart phones by following the same concept. Below we have elaborated how to send fax online for free using another great online faxing service provider.

Who Provides the Best Service to send fax online?

HelloFax is a renowned service to send fax online which is offered in three different types of pricings including a free plan. By using HelloFax you can either send your document (such as word documents and PDF) to a fax machine or receive the fax as a document or PDF directly to your email sent by others. With HelloFax you can send fax via email service in a secure way and of course HelloFax could be integrated with Google Drive.

How to Send Fax Online With HelloFax?

Here is how to send fax online for free using HelloFax website-

  1. first navigate your browser to
  2. Enter your email address and hit “Try it Free” button (You can also sign-n with google)
    how to send fax online
  3. Now click on “Send a fax” option located at the left panel
    How to Send Fax Online With HelloFax? 1
  4. Drag and drop the file (word document file) in “Drag files here” area
    How to Send Fax Online With HelloFax? 2
  5. Now enter fax number of the recipient
  6. Finally click “Send it now” button, that’s it, your online fax will be sent to recipient’s fax machine.

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