How to add Royalty Free Music to YouTube Videos?

You might know that YouTube mutes the audio if you embed illegal music tracks in your videos.  Adding illegal music is nothing but infringement of copyright of that music track. Then how to add music to youtube video without breaking any laws? Are you thinking of any ways to embed the audio in your movie in a legal way? Don’t worry about this as YouTube itself has a solution for this. YouTube comes up with built-in music selector which provides royalty free music for youtube videos. You can add a soundtrack to your YouTube video even if you have uploaded your video to YouTube, this is 100% free and legal. Yes AudioSwap music library is a feature we are talking about that is the legal way of adding free audio tracks to your videos in seconds.

YouTube’s AudioSwap music library comes up with popular genres including Blues, Country, Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock and Ska to choose from. These genres include hundreds of free music tracks of famous artists and albums that could be played with your YouTube video so you can add music to youtube video.

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How to add music to YouTube video using AudioSwap Library?

Adding audio to your YouTube video is simple and hardly takes some few seconds but you won’t revert back to your original audio once you saved the changes so be sure before adding or changing the audio to your stream, To add music to youtube video, you first uploaded the video just follow the steps given below.

  1. Login to YouTube, click on your username at the top right side
    how to add music to youtube video
  2. Choose “Video Manager” and click on the video which you want to add music
    choose the video from list
  3. Now click on “Enhancements” and go to “Audio” tab, now you will get more than 150,000 music tracks from AudioSwap
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  4. You can also search the specific track using the search box provided below
  5. Now click on any audio track to watch the preview with your video, audio will not be added to the video unless you click on “save” button.
  6. Finally click on the “Save” button to save the video with selected audio track
  7. You can click “Revert to original” button if you don’t wish to make changes to your video
    How to add Royalty Free Music to YouTube Videos? 2


You have just learnt How to add music to youtube video but YouTube gives the strict instruction on using these music for your videos i.e. videos generated using AudioSwap music tracks won’t be eligible for revenue sharing, this means you are not allowed to make money using your Google Adsense account on these videos. So if you have enabled Google Adsense in YouTube then better you should not use AudioSwap library music tracks for your videos as it is the violation of AudioSwap library and might be harming your Adsense account as well.

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