Start Graphing Your Gmail Using Graph your inbox Chrome Extension

You must have come across many tools to analyse our web searches, social media activity and website analytics, But have you ever wondered what is in our inboxes? Graph Your Inbox is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to graph Gmail activity. Having a clear idea about your inbox trends can help you more efficiently manage and process your e-mail and your time. This can be specially helpful for bloggers, business mens etc. Furthermore, looking at periods of extreme activity or inactivity around a certain address, phrase or label can be indicative of an overreaching trend in your inbox. You can use Graph your Inbox visualize your communication with friends, your Facebook activity, when you purchased items on Amazon or how often you use certain words or phrases. It uses almost the same functionality used by Gmail, but instead of a list of messages we show you a graph of your email trends over time. It then presents the data related to those queries as a bar graph that charts the number of messages month-by-month and day-by-day. Don’t worry about your privacy, your privacy is respected and your graph data is never leaked out. This is not just a fun application. It can be used to analyse your daily statistics.

have a look at how a graph created using Graph your Inbox of a email conversation related to Facebook look like?

With a graph on a month of a particular term show you a list of all the messages from that month and an additional daily breakdown so that you can look number of conversations took place each day of the month in containing that particular keyword.

You can also compare a conversation between two keyword. lets take Obama and McCain campaign for U.S elections. Just have a look at the below graph to get an overview of the analytics a graph it can offer.

So, How Do We Start?

You can start creating your graph by just installing this chrome extension in your favorite Google Chrome browser. and you can also use it in your custom Google apps account. Click here for details.

So start graphing your inbox and know how interesting and informative your inbox can be.

Start Graphing Your Gmail Using Graph your inbox Chrome Extension 1
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