Bypass mega download limit

Waiting is really frustrating especially when you are in a hurry. There are many ways to increases bypass mega download limit and how much you can download on Rapidshare and other file-sharing websites. You may try the steps given below to increases bypass mega download limit. It doesn’t work if you use a proxy though.

Bypass mega download limit and waiting time by:

  • Manually by sending a request for a new IP address from your ISP (Internet service provider) server.
  • Using any force download Software.
  • By installing a Firefox add-on (skipscreen).
  • Javascript code.
This trick will apply to:
  • Rapidshare.
  • Megaupload.
  • Filefactory.
  • Depositfiles.
  • Megavideo.
  • Netload.
  • Mediafire
  • zShare
  • Sharebee
  • DepositFiles
  • Sendspace
  • Divshare
  • Linkbucks
  • Link-protector
  • 4shared
To bypass mega download limit on 4shared install auto download script from
  1. Let’s try resetting the IP from ISP:

This method depends on your ISP. It also depends fully on whether or not your IP is static or dynamic.

  • Step 1: Launch Command Prompt: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt. (Or Start -> Run… and type in cmd) In Vista just press Windows+R ( +R) the Run Command box will open instantly.
  • Step 2: When Command Prompt is opened, enter the below text one by one in the Command Prompt Box:
@echo off
 echo ipconfig /flushdns
  ipconfig /flushdns
 echo ipconfig /releaseipconfig /release
 echo ipconfig /renewipconfig /renew
  • Step 3: Command Prompt will exit once you press “Enter Key.
The Lines marked in RED will appear as soon as you enter the text above the RED line and that indicates that the action is performed correctly.
2. Now let’s check out how to do that using a Software:
Rapidshare Auto-Download is a free download manager for the Rapidshare website.
These are the features offered by the publisher:


  • Download a group of links from  Rapidshare (one by one).
  • Download incomplete downloads until all links are downloaded.
  • Auto Shutdown.
  • Support of 3 Languages: English, Farsi, French.
  • No more waiting for the link to be generated!
  • Versatile schedule for your downloads.

3. Bypass Waiting time using Firefox Addons.

Wherever you need to click through ads or wait for countdowns, SkipScreen will be there to make your life easier. SkipScreen automatically clicks through the hoops to get to the content you want.
This add-on works like what the name says.

You can directly download the SkipScreen add-on here

To report bugs on this add-on or to get assistance, visit their support site here

  • You may also try Switch Proxy

4. Javascript code method.

The Javascript-based on Bookmark-let will disable the waiting time on some websites.

Follow the steps:

Step1. Open Internet Explorer, then bookmark the below code.. (You may also try other web browsers but the operation is not guaranteed.)


Tip! Press CTRL+D to bookmark a page in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
If the warning message appears, then select YES to the warning that the bookmark may be unsafe.

Name the bookmark as “RapidShare No Wait”. Click on the Links folder (if you want to display it in your IE toolbar) Now, close and reopen IE and make sure that the bookmark we saved earlier is saved.

Go to and click the bookmarklet when the countdown begins.
Did you find more? Just drop your comments and we’ll update it with your name as a contributor!

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