7 Cool Things You Can 3D Print 

3D printing is the present and future. Through the power of 3D printing, manufacturing can be modernized, people can be more creative, and costs can be reduced. It’s a no-brainer to embrace 3D printing and everything that it has to offer. 

Of course, one of the main attraction points of 3D printing is that you can print almost anything you like. So, if you’ve just recently purchased your first 3D printer, you’ll be interested to learn about sevencool things you can 3D print without spending tons of money. 

3d printing cool stuff
  1. Gaming Mouse 

If you’re a PC or laptop gamer, you can now 3D print your very own gaming mouse. Yep, that’s right: you can finally throw out that old mouse you’ve had for years and use your own personalized, 3D-printed one instead. 

A good gaming mouse is essential for when you play competitive games, such as video poker online. With a 3D printed mouse, you can make faster decisions and interact with the on-screen gameplay with minimal delay. Not to mention, the mouse will be much more comfortable in your hand, too. 

  1. Jewelry

Jewelry is another very cool thing that you can 3D print. Gold, silver, brass, bronze, and plastics can be used to 3D print jewelry, whether it’s a new pair of earrings or a bracelet to wear on your wrist. Some entrepreneurs even 3D print jewelry and sell it online. After all, the ‘3D printed’ aspect is a major marketing and selling point that fashion fans love, which is why it’s so successful on the market. 

  1. Smartphone Case

Are you #TeamAndroid or #TeamiPhone? Either way, it doesn’t matter, as you can now 3D print smartphone cases for any model and any size. Typically, polycarbonate, nylon, and resin are the most reliable for this. Throughout the internet, there are plenty of STL files for people looking to print smartphone cases, so browse through the option to see which one appeals to you the most. For example, if you love The Simpsons, then you could 3D print a Bart Simpson case for your iPhone or Android. 

  1. Pokémon Figures

Who doesn’t love Pokémon? Launched back in 1998, Pokémon took over the world and never looked back. Every day, millions of people play online Pokémon games – from Pokémon Go to the latest Pokémon games on Nintendo Switch – so it’s hardly surprising that 3D-printed Pokémon are in highdemand. 

On the internet, there are STL files for all the classic Pokémon, including:

  • Arceus
  • Pikachu 
  • Squirtle 

Whichever Pokémon are your favorite, you can 3D print small figures of them and do whatever you like with them. For example, you might want to 3D print your favoritePokémon figures and display them on your bedroom wall. 

  1. Soap Dish 

Want to spruce up your bathroom a little bit? If so, you can 3D print your own soap dish using a 3D printer. Not only is this practical (as it stops soap residue from going on the bathroom side), but it also makes your bathroom look more stylish and modern. In addition to soap dishes, you can also 3D print other bathroom-related items, such as toothbrush holders. 

  1. Laptop Stand 

If you use your laptop a lot but have nowhere to put it, it’s smart to 3D print a laptop stand. This will help you be more professional and make your laptop safer. Whether you use a Windows laptop or a MacBook, you can print a wide variety of different laptop stand to suit your needs. For instance, you can print a vertical laptop stand if you prefer typing at an angle. It’s all about personal preference. Also, make sure to print your laptop stand in a color that compliments your existing laptop. This will help to prevent any ugly color clashes. 

  1. Plant Pot

Every home and office needssome greenery. To encourage yourself to buy some plants for the future, you can 3D print a plant pot for any-size plant. At first, it’s recommended that you print a small plant pot for one that can go on your work desk. 


3D printing is going to become more and more important over the coming decade. If you’ve finally got your hands on a 3D printer and want to get started with it, make sure to try the seven suggestions discussed above. Also, don’t be afraid to get creative and design your own 3D objects to print. As you become more experienced, you’ll gradually improve. 

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