Moborobo- All in one PC Suit for Android and iPhone Smartphones

If you are searching for a free PC Suit to manage your Android or iPhone smartphone from your PC or laptop then here is the most useful tool to you i.e. Moborobo. This software allows you to download & install apps, send and read the received SMS, backup and restore the contacts, SMS, installed apps, images, backup music from your iPhone or Android smartphone to your PC. Let me list out all the possibilities of Moborobo PC Suit but before that let me explain its cool user interface.

Moborobo’s User Interface

android PC suit

Moborobo comes up with tabbed user interface, we get seven tabs once we launch this software. Let me describe some important tabs in brief. First comes the home tab which is a dashboard that holds your mobile information such as firmware version, battery status and connection type etc., second one is data to manage your contacts, messages and calls. Third one is App tab that allows you to install or uninstall the existing apps from your mobile, then comes image, music and video tabs to manage respective multimedia right from your PC.

Possibilities with Moborobo PC Suit

This PC Suite is a feature packed PC Suit for Android and iPhone that allows you to do many tasks related to your smartphone, you can use Moborobo manage android to send and read the SMS, manage your smartphone’s multimedia data including images, ringtones and personal files. Here is the detailed action of each tabs of Moborobo PC Suit.


Data tab allows you to send and read the received SMS directly from your PC, along with this you can reply to a message, forward or delete the SMS, add new contacts right from Moborobo. Apart from this it is possible to have a look at call logs including incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

moborbo android data page

Apps Section

Apps tab displays installed as well as system apps, here comes one more cool option called "App updater" which shows the apps which can be updated.

Images Backup Section

You can browse through your mobile image gallery from images tab, you can also download stunning web images to your mobile from wallpaper center.

Music Backup Section

Music tab lists out the music and ringtones of your mobile device, you can also download your favorite ringtones from pandaapp web resource.

Backup Videos

Here you get the videos of your mobile and you can download cool videos from web resource.

Outstanding Features of Moborobo PC Suit

Apart from data manipulation Moborobo comes up with some great features which are usually not found in other PC suit solutions,.

Effective Contact Transfer

Moborobo offers users simple and effective contact transferring. It supports normal contact transferring between Android devices or iPhones, as well as the cross-platform contact transferring from an iPhone to an Android and vice verse. This makes it easy for smartphone vendors to help their customers to transfer contact data from their old ones to the newly purchased one.

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Download everything at no cost

Moborobo is packed with an Android/iOS resource centre offering you Apps, Ringtones, Wallpapers for both Android and iPhone. All resources are free to download. As you are using your PC’s internet connection and then install Apps or other resources to your Android/iPhone, it will avoid spending money for internet packs for your smartphone.

moborobo android apps import


moborobo images


App Batch Download

Download your favorite apps in batch, this makes it easy for smartphone vendors to install bunch of default apps to the smartphones they sell.

Moborobo File Manager

Moborobo packs an advanced yet easy to use file manager that allows the users to manipulate the data of your mobile. It supports list and title view and allows you to download any file or folder to your PC or upload them to your Android/iPhone.


sd card moborobo


Complete Backup & Restore

Backup your contacts, messages, call logs, images, themes, music as well as installed apps and restore them in case of loss of data

moborobo backup


More features:

  • Transfer the contacts of your old iPhone or android phone to your new smartphone
  • Backup your contacts, messages, call logs, images, themes, music as well as installed apps and restore them in case of loss of data
  • Download your favorite apps and games using your PC’s internet connection and then install the same to Android phone, this avoids spending money for internet packs for your smartphone
  • Download your favorite apps in batch, this makes it easy for smart-phone vendors to install bunch of default apps to the smartphones they sell
  • An advanced yet easy to use file manager that allows the users to manipulate the data of your mobile.

Along with these useful features it has one more must use option i.e. “Phone cleanup” to clean your mobiles’ cache files to free up the space and improve the mobile performance.

Moborobo APP Market

moborobo app market

Moborobo has an official Android Play store application i.e. MoboMarket this app market allows you to search and download your favorite apps, games, wallpaper, ringtone and other free resources. This app market recommends new apps according to your interests in a well organized manner. The interesting fact is that you can download all these stuffs to your desktop then install it to your mobile to avoid costly mobile data bills.

moborobo market

moborobo app market new apps

Connectivity Types Supported by Moborobo

You can connect your mobile to Moborobo with either regular USB or WiFi. Make sure you have enabled USB debugging mode before initiating the connection via USB.


Moborobo is a free PC Suit to manage Android/ iPhone mobiles for both consumers and smartphone vendors. This one is the best Android/iPhone management tool that comes up with most advanced options in an easy to use interface.


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