How To Tell if Your Website is Search Engine Ready

Having a website is now standard business practice for all kinds of industry sectors, from the smallest entrepreneurial startup to the largest multinational companies. In the same way, many businesses are now taking advantage of social media advertising opportunities. With everybody out there competing for attention from customers, it’s more important than ever to make sure your online presence via your website is highly visible to search engines. Here are a few things you can test out to check that your business website is discoverable and appealing:

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How good is your site content?

The days of attracting search engines by stuffing text on a business site with so many keywords that it barely makes sense are long gone, thanks to recent, regular updates. Instead, text is analyzed for the quality of the content, its relevance to the topic and the caliber of information it provides for visitors.

Now that search engines are working more intelligently, you need to review what you are supplying to make sure it comes up to scratch. Keywords remain important as they can help pull in the right people for your business; they must however occur naturally within the text, which should be fluent, on-topic and read well.

If you select primary keywords that are pertinent to your business, you can supplement them with relevant phrases. Try using available online tools to do this, or better still talk to experts in the field, such as Matomy Media Group, and let them help you design your site to optimize it for ranking on search engines. As an internet marketing agency, the Matomy Media Group is familiar with the density of keywords and quality of content that works best when it comes to attracting traffic.

Do you participate in social communities?

Besides those people who actively seek out your website, there are millions who are interested in interacting with others in non-promotional ways. This means making good use of online forums, blogs and social media sites to build a profile for yourself and for your business.

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If you are willing to advise and inform others then you will be strengthening your online presence in connection with the topics of importance to your business. This will boost your website’s rankings in relation to those topics and bring more potential customers to your door.

How good are your links?

Just like keywords, your website links need to be relevant and of high quality rather than numerous, so hundreds of random backlinks will not get you noticed as much as a smaller number of good links from authoritative sources that also have quality content. As the complexity of searches has increased, so rankings have become more localized and personalized and it’s important to keep up with best practice. This is another reason why using experts in the field is an advantage – it’s their job to keep on top of how search engines make selections and pass that expertise on to you.

If you can follow current best practice, as outlined above, then your website will be search engine ready and your business can compete with the best.

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