How to find out website ranking in Google for Free?

Getting website ranking in SERP (search engine results page) is the first step of search engine optimization. It would be waste of time to make SEO unless you are not aware of your website’s SERP position and the keywords your competitors use. So how to get your website ranking and how to know the keywords used by your competitors? Of course you might have searched for tools in google to do this job but not satisfied as they come up with sophisticated user interface and bulky price. Don’t worry.. Here is the Google Chrome Extension that let you know your website ranking in search engine results page along with competitor’s ranking you choose.

SEO SERP Workbench is the Google Chrome Extension, that we are talking about which let you know the current position of your website in Google search results. It is the must use tool to compare your website ranking with your competitor websites. Top features of SEO SERP Workbench are-

  • It allows you to compare your SERP position with multiple competitor websites with a line graph
  • You can work with multiple projects that contain multiple keyword queries in it
  • You can keep an eye on your website ranking by the keywords you choose and get to know the changes in ranking.

Only one drawback of SEO SERP Workbench extension for now is, it won’t automatically update the website ranking and it must be done manually. But this feature is in “To-do” list of this extension and expected to launch in the next version.

How to check website ranking in Google with SEO SERP Workbench?

It is required to install SEO SERP Workbench chrome extension to check website ranking in Google, this extension could be download from this page. Once installed this extension, run it from chrome apps and just follow the steps below-

  1. On first launch it asks to enter the project name and select the Google search engine country
    website ranking
  2. Go to “Sites” tab and delete all the pre-defined website URLs by pressing “remove all” button
  3. Now add your website by clicking on “add new” button and specify your website
    serp ranking
  4. Now click the same button again and specify your competitor website(s)
  5. Now we can compare SERP position between specified websites, specify a keyword in “Keyword to search” box and press “Submit” button
  6. Now just have a look at image below, we have searched for the keyword “download free games” and add two websites namely gametop and miniclip to compare. Gametop stands in 5th rank for “download free games” keyword and miniclip has acquired 24th ranking
    check keyword ranking

Further you can move to “queries” tab and click on “sites report” button in front of respective keyword every day to see the changes in SERP position in a line graph.

How to Know the Keywords Used By Competitor Website?

We have just learnt how to compare our position in Google with our competitors. Now here is a Chrome extension that displays keywords used in a website. You can adopt these keywords in your site to get top position in search engine results page. To know your competitor’s keywords-

  1. Install META SEO inspector Chrome extension
  2. Go to your competitor Website
  3. Click on META SEO inspector and choose “Toggle info. box”, you will able to see META information of website including keywords they have used.
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