Good Practices To Promote Your Blog And Increase SEO

All of us know that a link building and a promotion of website is a gradual process. And also it should be kept in that, way since google and other search engines has changed a lot. And will keep on updating itself. Effectively promoting a website without getting penalized by the search engines will, lead to faster discovery of your pages in the top links of search engines.

Good Practices That Can Help Your Blog A Lot To Increase SEO

Cross Blogging:

Also known as guest posting in the blogsphere. Promote your new article, content or website in other similar related category blog. This has many good effects
• It will expose you and your blog/website to a whole new set of audiences who might not have known about your website.
• It would give you healthy back links along with its Google Juice
• Your website/Blog content will reach all the subscribed Rss and Email readers.
• You Will Get 100% Adsense Revenue from the particular blog as it is done in You can sign up for posting Here
• And Many others

Offline Promotion:

We may have entered into online era, but it’s truthful to say, that offline promotion still counts. And every small bit of it counts. Leave your website address in your business cards, posters, letterheads and anywhere that would be suitable as per your decision. You can also promote your website/blog at specific positions where ratio of internet users is very high. Like university, engineering colleges, Big shopping malls etc. Now days it is also possible to distribute your flyers in foreign countries and university at very cheap prices. Websites are available for it.

Social Media Interaction:

All the blogs/websites now a days have social media sharing integration, but that does a major help only when you publish an interesting article and target it to its desired social media users. Its like if you share an SEO article with an user who is interested in only downloading songs, it wont make much difference. You need to make a self-sufficient chain reaction once you make a share in the Social media. That can be done by sticking to your blog/website niche and targeting audiences with similar likes.

Google Local Business Center:

This can only be used if you are a company or run a local business. If you do so adding your business in googles local business center would really help you a lot in reaching out the customers on Google Map and web search. You can add it over Here.

Reach Out To Related Community Of Your Category:

Its really time to do some social work or help. Trust me it would help you to promote your website a lot. Join yahoo groups, google groups or something else of the thousands out there, find out the distress call of helpless persons and try to resolve their issue. No

w here’s the trick, instead of posting the solution directly there, why not post it in your blog in short time and then giving the link to it in the forum.

See how it helps you:

• As time passes by you get well known and trusted in the group.
• Your blog or website gets direct linking from yahoo groups or similar website.
• Even if your link for the post does not directly come up in the top results of google search, Yahoo link will certainly come because they have high page rank so, indirectly the users lands to your website via yahoo groups.


However in any case avoid the below things at any cost it will harm your website in the long run.
• Spamming link requests to site related to your category.
• Purchasing links from other sites with the intension of getting page rank instead of traffic.
• Signing up for 10000 Backlinks for $10 or something similar.
I would like to tell about the last point, why its so as all of us know its good to have backlinks. Google knows it’s a gradual process of exchanging links via comments and other means for a website. However if you sign up for something similar above, they will deliver it almost immediately from link banks. As soon as they do that, alarm starts sounding in google. Now they as well as all of us know that its’ artificially done. And trust me, you get heavily penalized for it.

Catch Me In My Next Post On How To Wisely Choose A Blog For Guest Posting.
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