Top 3 Free Domain Name Providers

Free DomainHave you got the free web space to store your website? But what about the domain name? Don’t worry here is the list of top 3 free domain name providers on the web. Free domains are not recommended for business websites but can be effectively used for personal websites, business and educational event websites or blogs etc. For example if you want to create a website for an event in your school or college you need not buy a paid domain, instead you can use a free domain name and delete it once the event gets over, the same scenario applies to your business event as well. There are many free-domain name providers on the web but here are trusted.

CO.CC is the top free-domain name provider that suffix “” to your free domain name. You can use it for your own website hosted to web, blogger, windows live or google apps. is completely free for personal use but those who want to use it for business purpose can renew it by paying $3. Free users can have only 2 domains but interested one can get 100 more by just paying $10. Both free and paid users are allowed to access control panel and sub-domains in Get your  domain here.

Dot TK

dottkDot TK is a famous free-domain name provider that suffix “.tk” to your specified domain. It is working since 2001 and giving the prompt service to both its free and paid users. The simple interface of this website has made the registration process as simple as ABC. You can link your Dot TK domain name to your own website, webpage, web profile or blog etc. The phrase they have used in their website makes everyone crazy – “Dot TK has exactly the same power as other domain extensions, but it’s free! Because it’s free!”. Get your Dot TK domain here.


co.nrCO.NR allows you to create a free domain name that ends with “.CO.NR”. Additionally you also get free URL forwarding, intelligent free path forwarding and advanced free META TAGS support. You can sign-up and activate your free domain within 5-10 minutes without any hassles. You can use your CO.NR free domain name as long as you wish but be sure to follow their terms of services. Your free domain is waiting for you here!

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