Billomat- An Online Solution for Invoice, Billing and Customer Management

There are several websites available on the internet for online billing and invoicing but the most popular among them is  Billomat. Billomat is an online service that let you manage invoice, billing, quotes, articles, credit notes, order confirmations, delivery notes and recurring invoices and along with this it also offers customer management in easy to use interface. You get all these features in a secured environment as this service uses secured socket layer encrypted forms.

online invoicing – Billomat is an all in one solution for freelancers, small business and as well as organizations to manage their clients and keep them updated with company’s development. Billomat comes up with an online mailing feature that allows the owners to send reminders and quotes to their clients to keep the constant touch.

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Why Go for Billomat?

billomat screenshot
Billomat screenshot

Billomat is a paperless billing and invoicing system, there are many reasons for using Billomat online service rather than traditional methods or offline billing software which we install in our PCs. Here is a small note on why choose Billomat-

Cloud Based Solution

Billomat is a cloud solution and hence you need not require any software to install in your PC or update it, you get the updated versions directly when you login to your account and you can manage it from anywhere, you just need an internet connection, start working from home, office or on the way.


As described earlier Billomat uses secured socket layer (SSL) encrypted forms, this assures the comprehensive security for your data. The team working behind makes regular backups of important data so that you never lose your valuable information. It has state of the art infrastructure and data center with uninterrupted power supply and high speed internet connection. It has a robust firewall that keeps your data away from threats.

Billomat Interface

Billomat has a user friendly interface. It comes up with a dashboard where you can have a look at the summary of your unpaid invoices, open quotes as well as recent activities. We get three tabs after dashboard- Articles, Documents and Customers.

Articles: Articles tab allows us to prepare and manage your invoice items which could be further used for new quotes and invoices.

Documents: Here we can write estimates and invoices. The forms you use here are already filled to make your work easy. You can send your documents by post, fax and email that includes a digital signature.

Customers: Here we get customer’s complete transactions history with useful filtering options. You can add customers manually or just import from vCard or CSV. Customers tab has search option that let you find the customers or articles easily.



Billomat is the most convenient way of managing invoice and billing in a secured manner, it saves lot of time and energy compared to the paper based system. Billomat offered in five pricing models for different business needs. Get started with Billomat .

Billomat- An Online Solution for Invoice, Billing and Customer Management 1
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