113 Latest List of Commentluv Enabled + Do-follow Blogs in Higher Page Rank Order

Obviously you came here to get some quality nofollow-free blogs list for link building from commenting. This list shows a collection of best dofollow + commentluv + high page rank  blogs, some of these sites are also keyword luv enabled where you can use your keyword along with your name. And if you also like to learn other ways to build domain authority. Please read this post .


I hope this list helps you in your link building efforts. It took me hours to put the list together for you, so if you enjoyed it I would greatly appreciate if you could help me back with tweets/stumbles/Fbshares and more for saving your time.


[alert-announce] Update: Here's a nice tutorial to perform commentluv search. You can find this trick here [/alert-announce]

Dofollow links and Google Page Rank

Page rank is a algorithm named after the co-founder of Google larry page who invented it in 2005 when he was in Stanford to measure the importance of web pages based incoming links to a website. This algorithm is not just about incoming links, it also means links from quality sites.  Websites with more dofollow backlinks to it  gets higher Page  and hence gets higher authority in search results. The rate of incoming Dofollow links to a web page is the backbone of this page rank algorithm.

If you are a blogger or a SEO analyst, then the most important and hard job is to get the website ranked fast to get higher authority in search engine results, you can attain that by adding more incoming back-links for your website. Not all incoming links benefit your website, because only do-follow links pass their ranking to the outgoing links, So its very important to make sure you don't waste your precious time adding comments only on website giving no-follow attribute

Commentluv system

If you comment on a blog with Commentluv system, it automatically picks up your recent article from your website and adds it below your comment. This helps bring traffic directly to your posts rather than just your main site link , this way you get an additional link from one comment.  on their outgoing links. In this article, I'm going to make things easier for you to find list of high ranked do-follow blogs with Comment Luv installed on it. And most of the sites using CommentLuv are mostly do-follow. Commenting on a blog which uses commentLuv is a decent way to get quality back-links.


While do-follow links help you gain domain authority with higher page rank, The keywordluv helps you rank for your keyword by letting you use the keyword as anchored text next to your name , for example: when I enter "Sreejesh @technology stuff" in the name field, it links only to "technology stuff".


Ana hoffman explains how keywordluv helps you rank in first in Google search results page.


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So here's the list of Do-follow you came here for.

In this huge list you can find blogs in different niche, you can add connects on those which is related to your niche, I couldn't find time to categories them based on niche. In the next post I will be writing about how many back-links are needed for page rank with tabled list. Subscribers will get it first, so don't forget to subscribe to our email.

Page Rank 6 :

  1. Grok dot com
  2. Currybet.net
  3. Sirpi.org/
  4. Eartheasy blog
  5. Social Times
  6. The Mall blog
  7. The Virtual Handshake
  8. Blog.photography.si.edu
  9. Midasoracle.org
  10. Weblog tools collection
  11. Interaction Design
  12. Jisc Digital Media

Page Rank 5:

  1. Andybeard.eu
  2. Oilman.ca
  3. Communityspark.com
  4. Layercake.net
  5. hobo-web
  6. Justaddwater.dk
  7. Krisbuytaert.be
  8. Therenegadewriter.com
  9. Iayork.com
  10. lifeinthefastlane.ca
  11. elleeseymour.com
  12. newcritics.com/blog1
  13. Links.org.au
  14. knrn.org
  15. Seobythesea.com
  16. Blog.dmbcllc.com
  17. Mouthpiecesports.com/blog
  18. Buzzmarketingwithblogs.com
  19. Bytesizecss.com
  20. Blog.astrumfutura.com
  21. Uncommonphotographers
  22. Aimee.mychores.co.uk
  23. Pitchinvasion.net
  24. Thevirtualhandshake.com/blog
  25. Kthread.com/kthread
  26. Blog.ruski.co.za
  27. Career.ucsb.edu/blog
  28. Gaming.psu.edu
  29. Blogs.cetis.ac.uk/asimong
  30. Blogs.nashuatelegraph.com
  31. Outofmygord.com
  32. Focusorganic.com
  33. Focus Organic
  34. Profitsfinancesite

Page Rank 4

  1. Stephan Miller
  2. Nickoo Shore
  3. BlueVerse
  4. BlogChef
  5. DearDrMoz
  6. TechGeeze
  7. Colloquium
  8. TheCroniclesOfR
  9. PhpCafe
  10. FreeBieShark
  11. MissNexus
  12. ZigPress
  13. Joebartender.com
  14. Deardrmoz.com
  15. Uppergreenside.org/blog
  16. Cinnamonthoughts.org/
  17. Memwg.com
  18. Steverenner.com
  19. Rebeccawalker.com/blog
  20. Canadienseneurope.org
  21. Alemsys.com
  22. Rumahabi.com
  23. Kid666.com
  24. Blueverse.com
  25. Barrywise.com
  26. Randomhacks.net
  27. Stomperblog.com
  28. Thesisthemehq.com
  29. Middlezonemusings.com
  30. WordPressmax.com
  31. Lillieammann.com
  32. Techjaws.com
  33. Kikolani.com
  34. Wnagele.com
  35. Bluehatseo.com
  36. Growsmartmaine.org/blog
  37. Thisclassicallife.com/weblog
  38. Costpernews.com
  39. Selberg.org
  40. Drownradio.com
  41. Omgpittsburgh.com
  42. Scrapscene.com
  43. Lifeintherough.com
  44. Phpcafe.net/
  45. Wallpaperstop.com
  46. Elearning.lse.ac.uk/blogs/usc
  47. Boykin.acis.ufl.edu
  48. Dmiracle.com
  49. Blog.waxmarketing.com
  50. Retirement-income.net/blog
  51. Nthambazale.com
  52. Smallbusinessbranding.com
  53. Blog.littlerockjams.com
  54. Affordable-internet-marketing.com
  55. Articlesnatch.com/
  56. Blog.winesworld.com
  57. Javelinmarketing.com/blog
  58. Stephanmiller.com
  59. Abstract2collective.blogspot.com
  60. Wpsx.psu.edu/bluerobot

Page Rank 3 :

  1. Qwertyweb
  2. TheReasoner
  3. DukDukMonk
  4. Internet Marketing
  5. Shanker Bakshi


Stay tuned.

I'm going to show you how to find commentluv enabled blogs in real time and commentlluv enabled blogs based on your niche.

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  12. Thanks for the Commentluv Enabled Blogs list Man. No doubt that comluv enabled blogs are great way to make quick backlinks but on other hand its very difficult task to find such a blogs. Nice to see that you have prepared the list sorted by Page Rank.

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  14. of course comment luv is a great commenting system to have blog traffic and alternatively improvement in page rank.

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  16. The title of this seems misleading. I was expecting to find blogs that use commentluv. The first 5 or 10 that I clicked, don't have commentluv, and in fact some don't even seem to have blogs. Am I missing something?

    • I last updated the post long ago, I'm updating this post right now. You can find fresh links when you visit this page next time.

  17. That is a nice collection of do-follow sites. I am also considering to enable do-follow on my blog.

    But I am wondering when commenting on such do-follow sites, does Google Algorithm treats differently you commenting on sites with totally different topic as your blog as oppose commenting on sites with related topics.

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  25. Hi, thanks for creating this great list. I am a relative newcomer to CommentLuv which is now fully enabled on my photo site.

    I will certainly use your list to increase my social engagement on other blogs, though I think that comment interaction should be done considerately, it should add value to the originators blog post and not just be done to get a link back

    Thank you for sharing :)

  26. The commentluv is well its really a slap on the face of professional bloggers. They keywords for which I was ranked number one before Google Penguin update now showing one page blogspot blog with very little content in it.

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  29. How often do you update this? When was it last updated?

    This is a great list, but do the webmasters on it actually mind being on it? I have to say I'd be against having an influx of comment spammers (if that is what happens).

    Please, please, please remember guys that when you are commenting on these sites to actually write out a thoughtful comment. Remember to respect the site owners.

    We do not want to turn the internet into a place full of junk content!

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  32. Thanks....there are some really high pr sites there i have not ran across before. Is there any chance of getting an updated list? Hopefully most of these are still do follow.

    • Hi Don,

      At the moment we don't have an updated list, if you've subscribed our feed, you'll get mail when we update a new list.

  33. A tremendous resource given the value of CommenLuv for raising the visibility of one's blog. I recently enabled the premium version of CL and have written a review of its tremendous promise for bloggers and readers alike.

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  37. Big list are big sales, because the more traffic you have in your site is the more money you can get. Thanks a lot for this information.

  38. great list. it's truly helpful for people like me. Sirpi.org is a good dofollow blog but you have to be careful with your comments since it does not approve spammy comments. It should be related to its topic. thanks. kudos!

  39. Today the legendary founder of CommentLuv Andy Bailey announced the release of v2.9 of the CommentLuv plugin.

    Big thank you to Andy for his work.

  40. Thanks a lot for this list of wonderful dofollow with high PR sites it saves me time for looking around really thanks....

  41. Comment Luv is basically a plug-in which uses RSS feeds to fetch data from your blogs and display it along with your comment. If you will use this system, then your blog will automatically retrieve a last blog posts. Very nice article!

  42. Hi Suresh,

    I appreciated your kindness for giving us a nice details and to your comment luv, everyone will love this! Thanks a lot.

  43. Sure i will try updating the list as soon as time allows. And If you can't find your commentluve link then probably you must have got banned. You can go to commentluv site and unban your link and it should work for you. Also refer to this article

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  45. Now i realize most of the above comments are spam! coz i check many links and found many that have no comment luv commenting system

    • Prince, I manually checked those links while writing this post. I hope you understand I can't keep monitoring those sites everyday to check whether they have removed commentluv system.. However, I'll update the list depending upon my work load and time.
      Thanks for the comment :)

  46. thanks srejesh! That's very helpful. I am doing guest posting to acquire dofollow links, but comments in dofollow blogs is great.

  47. thanks srejesh! That's very helpful. I am doing guest posting to acquire dofollow links, but comments in dofollow blogs is great.

  48. Thank you for the post. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found it is very lovely reviews.

  49. Thank you for the post. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found it is very lovely reviews.

  50. HI ,
    There are huge list you can find blogs in different niche, you can add connects on those which is related to your niche, I couldn’t find time to categories them based on niche.

  51. HI ,
    There are huge list you can find blogs in different niche, you can add connects on those which is related to your niche, I couldn’t find time to categories them based on niche.

  52. Those backlinks would be dofollow or nofollow and yes i always comment relevant to the topic so… i don’t spam.

  53. Hi Suresh,
    Thanks for the list and the inclusion of my blog.I use this plugin on all my blogs. I’m not using it only to increase the amount of comments, but with every comment you’re also getting unique content to your post which is good for SEO purposes.

    • @Cassy You're welcome, and yeah Commentluv is very good for SEO. But, I guess Livefyre comment system doesn't support commentluv :(

  54. Great list for commentluv enabled do-follow blogs, I am searching for such kind of blogs and my search finished now thanks for sharing...

  55. that's ahuge list, making a blog dofollow sometimes harm you. HBB already loose the page rank earlier HBB have PR3 or PR4 now it have PR 0

  56. Sreejesh, in the past 7 days or so I have been looking for a list of comment luv do follow blogs. I found this list in your site and it is like a miracle to me. I suppose it is the Secret of life: You find what you look for! Thank you very much for publishing this Sreejesh, it is priceless!

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    • @Machbio According to adsense policy, you can display 3 banner ads and 3 link ads on a single page, if the number exceeds then those ads will just not appear. I think you should read the adsense policy again :)

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