How to Enhance your Domain Authority?

Domain Authority can be defined as the measure of the performance of the domain name with all the search engine factors. It can also be termed as the measurement of a website’s backlinks.

A large number of websites are emerging day by day. The sites due to various reasons lack promotion and thus disappear suddenly. The search engine focuses on the durability of the site as it is an indicator of trust from visitors. Thus it is very important to maintain and update the site properly to increase the authority.How to Enhance your Domain Authority? 1

Domain authority is generally a measure based on the quantity, type and quality of the incoming links to a site. The white hat SEO techniques can be applied to increase it. The techniques may include blog posting, article submission, blog commenting, press releasing, social media optimization, etc.

From a study of SEOmoz in the biennial ranking factors of 2009, it can be proved that Domain authority plays a great role in the search engine ranking factors. It can be seen from the diagram below that ‘domain authority’ prevails as the most essential element among the ranking factors. It occupies 24% of the pie chart where as the link popularity, anchor text of external links occupies 22% and 21% respectively. The rest of the pie chart is occupied by activities like on page optimization, domain registration, and traffic and visitor performance, and the Social Media Optimization.


How can it be measured:

This authority is measured in a logarithmic scale of 0-100 points. It is difficult to increase your score from 70 to 80 rather than increasing it from 20 to 30.

Different from ‘page authority’:

The concept of domain authority is completely different from page authority. Page authority evaluates the strength of a page only while domain authority measures the strength of the whole domain and sub domains, if applicable.

Methods to increase domain authority:SEO Improve domain authority

‘Content is King’:

This proverb is like the ‘bread and butter’ to a search engine optimizer. Content is always the most powerful factor to increase the domain age of the site. Unique content with lot of informative resources will always make the site impressive than others. Updating the site regularly with fresh content will definitely increase the domain trust.

Link Building:

While building links, few white hat techniques are to be kept in mind to gain an increase in this kind of  authority. The administrator of the site should be well aware of the pages which are to be linked with. They should contain quality content and must be trustworthy. The deep linking method should be applied which is concerned with the inner pages and not only the home pages. This will help to gain trust from the visitors as well as the search engine rank checkers.

Blog ranking:

When you are trying to increase this authority, the participation in blogs should not be overlooked. The links should be diversified from different domains. The rank of the blogs does not depend only on the quantity of the links but also on the domain category. Thus the categories should be selected wisely. The links should also be trustworthy and should not contain any bad links with spam content. The administrators or the site owners should be well aware about the sites of the links which they are allowing in their sites. Therefore the page rank of the sites should be checked before allowing their links.

Link Juice:

You canenlist your domain in good directories such as Yahoo, Dmoz, etc to increase your link juice, which is one of the important aspects dominated by the search engine results. To improve the ranking, you will have to get more links from the sites that contain a lot of link juice. Thus targeting the right keyword with proper links will definitely help in increasing the trust.

Various tools:

To check it, different tools can be utilized. The ‘Domain Battle’ is one of the tools that help to analyze and evaluate the strength of the domain. The report obtained from this tool will help in getting information about the age, score and global rank of the domain. It also helps in estimating the traffic and visitors.

Thus, increasing this particular authority of a site is very beneficial for an SEO Company as it helps to increase the ranking by getting indexed and crawled by the search engine very quickly.


This is a guest post by Arpita Bhowmik is a Web enthusiast and a passionate blogger who likes writing content about Blogging tips, SEO tips, Digital marketing etc. This unique article describes about ‘domain authority’, a search engine ranking factor that a seo optimization company should be well acquainted with.

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