Top 5 Free Online Fax Services

We all of us know that FAX is the transmission of hard copy by telephonic method. It can transmit printed text or images to a telephone that is connected to printer. Though faxing is quite old method of transmitting data, many companies and organizations still prefer this method as it is a most trusted and secure way to exchange documents and information.

Drawback of faxing service is that small scale organizations and companies cannot afford costly fax machines but no need to worry as internet has an answer for this and that is “online fax service”. Yes.. Online fax service or electronic fax service is the best way to send faxes through internet.

There are many free online fax services available on the web which makes your faxing seamless. With the help of efax service you –

  • need not to buy expensive fax machine
  • need not to pay costly phone bills and electricity bills
  • can utilize the space used by fax machine in your office

List of Free Online Fax Service Providers


NextivaFax is the useful website that simplifies faxing via internet. It allows faxing by email using Microsoft Office. With NextivaFax you can Send and receive faxes with the PC connected to internet or mobile device. You just need to press “Fax” option instead “Print” button in Office products including MS-Excel or MS-Word to send a fax online. NextivaFax comes up with affordable pricing plans including FREE trial option. Try NextivaFax.

Nextiva Fax website screenshot
NextivaFax website screenshot


RingCentral is the most renowned online fax service that provides a shared number for faxing for your company to send faxes between each other. RingCentral 500 plan which is popular that costs $7.99 per month, you can try it for free. With RingCentral you can send and receive faxes via internet enabled PC or mobile using their mobile app. RingCentral allows you to Send faxes from any software. Try RingCentral.

RingCentral website screenshot
RingCentral website screenshot


MyFax again simplifies faxing through web, If you are a beginner and wanted to see how an online fax looks like? MyFax directly sends e-fax to your email ID. It has the range of pricing to suit individual or corporate sectors. With MyFax you get 1 month of free trial with all the features enabled. MyFax has the great customer support. Try MyFax

myfax website screenshot
myfax website screenshot


Online faxing with PopFax is inexpensive and seamless. When it comes to faxing with PopFax it costs only Rs. 2.85 per page while it goes upto Rs.6.84 with fax machines. With PopFax you can send and receive fax for Rs. 229 per month, you can also first try it and if you satisfy you can further buy the plan. You can send and receive fax via mobile using PopFax’s mobile apps that can be installed on the range of mobile platforms including Android, iPhone and Blackberry. Try PopFax

popfax website screenshot
popfax website screenshot


Send2fax has the mantra “Save paper, Save money and Save Time” and of course you can follow this by using Send2fax. Send2fax’s monthly Subscription Fee is $8.95 and you can try it free for the first month, if you don’t get satisfied with their service you can cancel your order at any time. Send2fax also provides the interactive tutor on “how to fax online”?. Try Send2fax

online fax service
send2fax website screenshot

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