Tips To Get Popular on Instagram

Instagram is known to be the fastest growing social media site. Boasting a total of three hundred million monthly users and growing, it looks like everybody wants to join this social site. My advice to anyone who does not have an Instagram account is, don’t be left behind. It is a fun, creative and innovative social media platform that can not only act as a place for interacting with followers, but can also be turned into dollars.


Most people use Instagram for social purposes. Once you open an account, all you want to do next is to follow as many people as possible while you also want to get followed back. The point of Instagram is interaction, whether your interest is in a niche group of people with similar interests or it is with the main aim to garner as many diverse followers as possible.

Others use Instagram as a marketing tool. Most companies have opened accounts on this social media platform where they post their products or services. Most companies aim at getting more interests in their products through their followers. The most popular Instagram account today belongs to Nike.

In case you have been wondering how to increase the number of Instagram likes on your posts, I have a few tips for you:


  • Use filters appropriately


Instagram provides a number of filters to use for your photos. Filters are like a double edged sword here. They are interesting to use and if used correctly, they will give your photos a professional and unique look. However, some people do not know how to use filters and end up ruining their otherwise good photos. If you learn to use filters where necessary, you will end up with gorgeous photos which will garner more likes.

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  • Use more hashtags


Instagram has put no limit to the use of hashtags per post. If you want to get more likes, you need to be more visible, therefore you need to use more hashtags. Hashtags will also help you identify with people of similar interests. For example, if you are a food enthusiast and like to discover more places to influence your palette, you may post photos of different kinds of foods and add popular hashtags such as foodie, Restaurant, lunch, dinner etc.

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  • Include more faces


An Instagram study through the use of face detection software discovered that posts which have more faces on them get thirty five percent more likes than photos without faces. Human nature dictates the need for human interaction; this explains the popularity of faces in photos.

As Instagram gains more and more users every day, we see people getting more creative on ways to use the social site. We see artists displaying their artwork for their fans. We see companies unveiling new brands and services and we also get news and see media gurus posting breaking news on their Instagram feeds.

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For a new user it may be intimidating at first, but using the above mentioned tips you will find yourself garnering more followers and likes. For the older users on Instagram the tips above will also help in getting a more popular Instagram account.


About the guest author: Sally Lanchaster

Sally Lanchaster has been a social media representative for 5 years for various local companies. She has a track record of increasing Instagram likes and followers for her clients in record time.

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