5 Tools Necessary for All Social Media Marketers

As a social media marketer, you put a lot of thought and effort into each and every post. You wouldn’t trade the job for the world (I mean, who doesn’t want to get paid to be on Facebook and Twitter all day?), but it’s a never-ending job. Before, during and after work, you are managing the business’ pages.

Social media marketing tools

There are many tools out there that’ll give you better results in less time in order to grow your audience, your brand and, ultimately, your career. Here are five tools you need to make your job easier, while giving you better results and a bigger impact.

1. Tagboard

Hashtags go beyond Twitter these days – they’re on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Vine. So Tagboard has made it easy to monitor these keywords on every important social media website. You can use this to easilymonitor your brand.

Also, see what’s trending on each social media platform so that you can post relevant content to the trending keywords. This tool is a great aid to your social media marketing, as you can create connections to your audience with up-to-date topics.

2. Swayy

Swayy brings you content that is related to or of interest to your brand. Everything from news articles and viral videos to interesting infographics and blog posts are found for you.

Then, you can share this content with your audience on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. Easiest of all – relevant hashtags and handles are given to you, so you can include related people, brands and hot topics.

Use Swayy’s analytical tool to see what content your community responds to most. Then, grow your audience and your impact.

3. Fiber-optic Internet

It should be a given that you have a laptop, tablet and smartphone as a social media marketer. Your job doesn’t end at 5:00 p.m. like those in the business world. But the hours after work are when Internet usage peaks and speeds slow down. When you’re at home, use these tools and get the job done quickly with fiber-optic Internet.

This is the next big thing in the tech world, with speeds reaching far higher than the national average 7.4 Mbps. Both Google and Verizon offer 100% pure fiber-optic Internet. With Google Fiber, certain cities can get up to 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps). With Verizon FiOS, get up to 500 Mbps in certain serviceable areas in the U.S.

This is one tool that’ll help you manage all the different social media accounts (and it’ll help you use all these other listed tools). With fiber, you won’t have to spend free time – the little you have – waiting for webpages, photo-heavy blogs and the latest viral videos to load.

4. SocialFlow

With SocialFlow, you’ll never have to take financial risks on any social media platform. This analytical tool can look at your posts, your audiences’ responses and the times they see your content. This is especially important because audiences and their interests change over time.

The company’s website states, “We like to describe our value proposition as: ‘Right message. Right audience. Right time.’” You’ll be given the best times to post, and even when it is best to spend money on promoted posts. SocialFlow tells you when to post so that you get the greatest, and most financially rewarding, reaction.

5. Wildfire

Wildfire is a division of Google that helps you build campaigns with results. No matter the social media site or type of campaign – giveaway, contest, poll, etc. – you can both implement and manage with this software. At the end of each campaign, measure the ROI and see the results on your business.

The tool can also help you with advertising on social media pages. Through various testing, Wildfire will tell you when and where it’s best to place your ad – saving you the guess work and money. And at no cost to you, you can also check out the competition and compare your brand to others.

About the guest author:
Michelle Smith is a college student pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing. She enjoys freelance writing on social media and marketing-related topics. Michelle welcomes your feedback at michellelsmithwriter[@]gmail.com

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