Why SEO is always a Continuous Process

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    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) always need continuity to maintain proper growth in search engines. Doing seo for a company will entirely change its sales ratio. And seo always need continuity because Google love freshness and freshness need continuity. Same like human nature we like continuous updating sites, did you ever went to a site again and again with no update since year? No, probably not. You will never go to a site again with no update. Same like that search engines also need continuity and always updating sites or material. The best result of SEO is when your site goes on top for a keyword of your choice, but it really needs freshness.

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    Below are some things you need to keep updated:

    To keep Google spiders entertained with your site every time, you must keep following things updated.

    Content : Content is always king for SEO, you need to update your site daily or atleast 2 days a week with new and unique articles. And try to better optimize your article choosing right keywords.

    Back Linking : Back linking process always need a continuity as well, because if you stop generating your site fresh back links it will eventually went down in search engines. Regarding your old back links they will help you a little but it also depends on competition of your niche. So, keep updated with your back linking process.

    Proper Research On Keywords : We never give time to do some proper research on keyword. Keywords are the most basic part of all your activities, because keywords is the key to your site. So, you must choose some very good and mostly not used keywords. But don’t pull un-necessary keyword, as it is hated by Google and your site will be penalized soon.

    Link Velocity : Always remember that you’ve got too many competitor and they may be getting links faster then you, so try to do some research on your competitors as well, and get links on their target. And maintain gaining new links and increase your speed day by day.

    So, that we just concluded that SEO, needs really hard work with a bunch of patience too see some good results and power techniques.

    Linkio: SEO Tutorial: a step-by-step guide

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