Important Life Science Products Used for Viral Expression

The life sciences are among the most important sciences being studied today, or at least the ones that apply most directly to you. Life science is essentially the study of living things, whether plant, animal, or human. This means that the term life science can be used quite broadly; however, it is typically used in reference to biology and medicine, its two chief components. The development and manufacture of life science products is extremely important for biomedical research and for treating diseases. Life science products relating to the study of viral expression are of particular significance in this field at the moment.

But first, what is gene expression? Gene expression is the transcription, translation, and phenotypic manifestation of a gene. Viral expression is the use of viruses or viral systems to aid in gene expression. Expression may differ among each virus. Some examples may include:

LENTIVIRAL EXPRESSION: Lentiviruses (ex: HIV-1, SIV, FIV) are a sub-category of retroviruses that can be used for transient and stable gene expression. They are capable of infecting both proliferating and non-proliferating cells.

  • Lentiviral expression kits are highly recommended for those studying gene expression in the context of lentiviral recombinant viruses. Lentiviral kits simplify the process for the researcher while promoting thorough gene expression. These kits allow for safer packaging of the lentivirus from purification to target cell infection.

ADENOVIRAL EXPRESSION: Adenoviruses are capable of infecting a variety of mammal cell types, often with incredible efficiency. Adenoviruses remain epichromosal upon infection, which means that they are only effective for transient (or temporary) expression of a gene.

  • Recombinant adenoviruses are a popular method for protein expression, since they typically guarantee a high rate of infection and yield of recombinant protein. Like lentiviral expression kits, adenoviral kits cover the entire research process, from packaging through purification and quantization to the infection of the target cell. These kits greatly simplify the process of studying recombinant adenoviruses, allowing the researcher to focus on obtaining results instead of just making sure everything is running smoothly.
  • Because they are only helpful in transitory expression, the uses for adenoviral vectors are quite limited. Besides being used occasionally in in-vitro experiments, adenoviral vectors are primarily used in gene therapy and vaccination.

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