Take a Selfie! The Effect of Instagram on Mobile Marketing

Using social media effectively has helped companies enter a new era of interactive marketing. Social media is all about engaging your audience, instead of passive ads like those on TV and in newspapers. By using apps like Instagram, companies can involve their followers in a whole new way while at the same time targeting a younger crowd that increasingly is looking for visual appeal. Here are some effects Instagram has had on mobile marketing.


Instagram Is Highly Visual

power of instagram

According to Mashable, posts on Facebook that include photos get 39 percent more interaction than average, higher than text-only, video, or link posts. If you’ve ever been on Twitter and scrolled past thousands of posts from the hundreds of Twitter accounts you follow, then you know that the ones with images are more likely to make you stop than the typical 140-character posts.

That’s what makes Instagram such a great option. Images draw up emotions and striking images make you stop and find out what they’re all about. Provide that on Instagram, and Instagrammers will click follow in a heartbeat.

Share Your Brand Worldwide

There are Instagrammers all over the world—about 300 million—so if you’re looking for a global audience, Instagram is a great way to reach them. One effective way to share the brand love is through contests. Require all participants to follow your company’s account and use a hashtag that includes your brand’s name. This will make it easy to find all those that posted for the contest while increasing the awareness of the contest and your company’s name, leading to more followers.

Create Positive Image of Your Business

Through Instagram, you can show another side of your business. With millennials graduating now having serious purchasing power, they want to see that the companies they buy from are as cool and modern as they are. They’re a jeans-wearing generation that enjoys organic coffee and cares about Klout scores. They don’t want companies that are conservative, stiff, or old school. So you have to ask yourself, does your Instagram account have the Klout? You can increase your Klout score by making your company feel casual and accessible through Instagram, which will increase the number of followers and interaction.

Learn More About Your Customers

Recently, Taylor Swift made headlines for not just giving her fans free things, but for actually taking the time to find out about her fans and give them items that she feels they would like most. One fan, Rebekah, received a check for $1,989 to go towards her student loans, which Taylor knew she needed help with. It was a smart move, gaining exposure for her album while showing her likeability.

Companies could choose to do similar things with Instagram, learning about what their customers’ interests are, which may help them to provide goods or services that will help customers the most. Or, like in the case of Taylor Swift, provide a way to give back to their customers in a personalized way.

Instagram is a great tool if you use it to its best abilities. Connect with your customers, and change the world.


Take a Selfie! The Effect of Instagram on Mobile Marketing 1
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