Mobile Marketing Tips to Increase Sales & Leads

More people are browsing the web on smartphones and tablets than ever before. The sales of web-ready mobile devices have increased at the fastest rate in history. As a consequence, more people are now browsing the web from mobile devices than on desktops and laptops. This means that you cannot ignore mobile marketing. So, how to get the most out of your mobile marketing efforts? The following guide should help you increase your sales and leads using mobile marketing.

mobile marketing ideas

Create a Simple & Easily Navigable Site

Your mobile audience will access your website on a device with a smaller screen and fewer capabilities. So keep the content simple and the website easily to navigate. Similar websites and apps are easier to design and develop, and also easier and faster to load and navigate. You don’t want your pages to take more than 3 seconds to load, else you risk sending your visitors to your competitors.

Go Local

Most mobile users are looking for local info. This means that your business should also have a presence on the local map. Google My Business is the best tool that can help your targeted audience to find you on both PCs and mobile devices. When your business gets listed on My Business, your target audience will be able to find your business whenever they search for your products or services on their smartphone or tablets. It is easy and fast to get listed on Google My Business.

Be More Personal

There was an era of using aggressive SEO strategies such as keyword stuffing to get the highest ranks on search engines. The new trend is to deliver more value and to connect with your audience at a more emotional level. The key is to personalize your mobile marketing efforts. How to do so?

  • Focus on Customer Needs – This may also include interacting with your prospects to learn about their specific needs.
  • Use Storytelling – Research studies show that mobile users like emotional stories. Storytelling can encourage them to take action.
  • Create Characters – Creating characters can help your brand seen differently.
  • Use Photos – Using photos will help engage your mobile audience.

Go Beyond Mobile Limitations

The smaller screen size is a big limitation on mobile devices. So make sure that your website and ads can be viewed on all screen sizes. The text and images on your webpages and ads must appear clearly on all the leading mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Your ads can have QR codes incorporated into them. This will allow your mobile audience to get in instant touch with you. Make sure that the codes can also be accessed on all the major mobile platforms.

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Adam is an experienced online marketer in the Website Design Calgary market, having serviced hundreds of clients. He likes to share his knowledge with his customers by regularly writing and posting new information online. He claims that with the growing mobile market, mobile marketing is one of the most powerful promotional medium.


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