Online Faxing- Advantages of Sending Fax Online

It’s evident that traditional faxing methods consume more time, energy, resources and most importantly money. Another major drawback is that it harms trees hence nature which indirectly affects the living forms on our planet i.e. to say it is not Eco Friendly. Glimpses of above facts have been described in previous posts “Online Faxing-How Sending Online Fax Saves Time?” and “Online Fax-How does Online or Internet Fax Service work?”. Now, let us see how Online Faxing is advantageous over traditional faxing in various manners. Since traditional faxing requires lots and lots of paper considered one a global reference and can evidently be reduced by use of online faxing.

By analyzing different factors about how there is loss of resource and harm to nature, we shall conclude advantageous of Online Faxing over Traditional Fax.

Let us first confer the factors which account to enormous loss of resources due to traditional faxing unlike Online faxing,

Paper Used

Advantages of Sending Fax Online- Save Trees
Save Trees

  • On an average around 50000 pages can be furnished by cutting down a single tree.
  • In United States alone approximately 15 million trees are cut down every year for manufacture of fax pages. Think of rest of the world!
  • This results in vast amount of deforestation which directly affects wildlife and is one of the major reasons of global warming.

Assuming that readers of the following discussion know what the proverb “For Want of a Nail” means; it is evident that even a single tree saved by less use of paper today may be a boon for generations to come.

Online Faxing reduces usage of paper by half the entire proportion if it is one sided. And if both the parties- sending and receiving use online method then use of paper in fax is entirely cut down!

Chemicals Used for Making Fax Pages

Online Faxing- Advantages of Sending Fax Online-Ink and Pages
Ink and Pages

  • Chemical are used in preparation of Fax Pages.
  • After use of the faxed paper, occasionally it is rendered as waste. It is harmless only if it goes in dustbin and eventually recycled.
  • In the long run, the pages which are not properly disposed will be of enough harm to nature.
  • Also the empty ink cartridges should be properly recycled.

The Fax Machine

Online Fax- Advantages of Sending Fax Online- Recycle

  • The fax machine is itself useless when it is not used! So no need to invest on it. And you can keep a nice flower vase or piece of art in place of your old fax machine…
  • Amount of power consumed by fax machines can cut down in your electricity bill.

Key Advantages of Online Faxing over Traditional Faxing

Online Fax- Advantages of Sending Fax Online
Advantages of Online over Traditional Fax

  • Online faxing obviously reduces all the expenses of a fax machine, its paper and the power consumed.
  • Since use of paper is reduced enormously with Online faxing, fewer trees will be cut down.
  • By use of Online faxing you need not be present around your fax machine since you can send and receive online fax on your smartphone or tablet computer.
  • Less space is required to store and manage your fax documents using Online faxing.
  • Need of a phone line associated with fax machine can be completely avoided using Online faxing.

At the end of the day, with the use of Online faxing you can cut down electricity bills, paper bills, ink cartridge bills, phone bills and also be ecofriendly. In general, with Online Faxing you save money, resources, energy and time and change into a responsible habitant of planet Earth.

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