Office 365 – The All New Version of Microsoft Office – 365 Review with video

Microsoft has recently unveiled its all new version of Microsoft Office i.e. Office 2013 which is also called as Office 365. Unlike older versions, Office 365 is not just a desktop solution to work on a single PC but it is rebuilt for collaborative work and of course it supports both PCs and tablets as well. So you can work both in PC and tablet such as Microsoft Surface. Office 365 is available in different packages to suite individual needs, available packages are- Office 365 Home Premium, Small Business Premium, ProPlus and Office 365 Enterprise. Here is Office 365 review with video.

What is New in Office 365?

The noted feature is that Office 365 supports cloud computing, so you can work in your home, office or on the go, by saving your work on SkyDrive or SharePoint, you can access your documents and settings anytime and anywhere. 

Talking of SharePoint, how can we not talk about other amazing features that it offers? It’s a full suite of experiences for organisations looking to centralise their data, facilitate internal communication and make collaboration simple and stress-free. To make all this happen for you, a Sharepoint consulting company can guide you through the technical labyrinth, so you are not left scratching your head.

Microsoft has used the same ribbon style menus in this version too. Let’s have a look at the new features each app brings in Office 365.

MS Word 2013

Microsoft has added comment system in this version of MS word which allows you to write or get comments for your collaborated documents. You can share your docs with your team and set permission to work with a file. Object zoom feature of new MS Word zooms particular image or video with a single click, MS Word 2013 saves the last read position and opens with that position in the next launch. Microsoft Word 2013 can now read PDF file format with tables as well as images. Most importantly you can embed photos and videos using built-in Bing search.


MS Excel 2013

This new MS Excel comes with some fresh as well as useful features. It let you accomplish difficult analyses quickly. Its Flash Fill feature identifies entered data in cells and auto-completes the remaining data, it also has various charts and diagrams to represent your data visually. You can share your workbook with your team and allow them to make changes or add additional data to your workbook.


MS Powerpoint 2013

The new Powerpoint comes up with more themes that could be modified with color variants, new transition effects and animations as well. It introduces many new tools such as union, combine, fragment, intersect, and subtract to mingle with shapes. Like MS Word 365, we can zoom to a particular object such as image or chart in Powerpoint 2013.


MS Outlook 2013

MS Outlook 2013 has brilliant features, with the improved Outlook now you can manage your contacts and emails seamlessly. You can get the update of Facebook and LinkedIn in Outlook 2013 by incorporating your account in it. It is also possible to share your calendar with your team to let them know your schedule.


Office 365 Compatibility

Office 365 is designed to run in the recent operating systems including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 R2. It is not compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

System Requirements for Office 365

Minimal system requirements for Office 365 are- 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM 32-bit version and 2GB for the 64-bit, 3.5 GB of free disk space to install office apps, minimum 1024 x 576 resolution with DirectX10 graphics card.

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