Play or Pause Music with Gesture in Laptop with Flutter!

Got a call while listening to music in your laptop? Don’t worry now you need not open your minimized media player and press pause button, instead just show your palm like “stop sign” to your laptop and the song you listening or the video you watching will be paused. Isn’t it interesting? Yes.. It is possible with Flutter. Flutter is a free gesture recognition app by Bot Square Inc. that recognizes your hand and play/ pause the music and videos. For now it supports iTunes, Spotify, VLC, WinAmp and Windows Media Player. Flutter is soon announcing its new feature “skip”.

How to use Flutter?

Playing and Pausing the media with Flutter is simple. Just go through the steps below to play or pause the music with hand gesture with Flutter-

  1. Download Flutter [for Windows] [for Mac]
  2. After downloading, Install it and just have a look at small tutor it brings. Flutter settles in your system tray
  3. Now open WinAmp or Windows Media Player [for windows] or open iTunes [for MAC] and play a song
  4. Now you can pause or play the song with Flutter. To pause the song, hold your hand up like “stop sign” in front of your laptop’s webcam
  5. To play the paused song, again make the same action i.e. making “stop sign” with your hand in front of webcam. Make sure that your hand is 1-6 feet away from your webcam.

Flutter is getting tremendous responses from its users as it is delivering the new experience without need of any special device. As Flutter is in BETA version it is accepting feedbacks and feature suggestions from its users. It is the great way to show the magical power of your palm to your friends and relatives!.. So what are you waiting for? Just download Flutter and enjoy!

Flutter website:

Play or Pause Music with Gesture in Laptop with Flutter! 1
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