3 Ways To Make Money With Your Mobile App

In the print business, the cost of an advertisement decides its fate. That is whether it is a full page color advertisement on front page or a 2 inch small icon on page 20. The latter usually draws nothing when it comes to return on investment (ROI).

Advertising in print media is indispensable for a couple of good reasons, yet when you’re on a tight budget or simply don’t want your ad end up in a dustbin, digital advertising is the best way to go. In the recent past, it has proven to be faster, less expensive, and more adaptable, digital ads permits you to focus on the right target audience and track your ad’s performance instead of making wrong guesses about it.

make money from mobile apps

Today, we live in the world, where social media ads are becoming increasingly popular among advertisers due to its enormous reach and effectiveness. There are literally tens of benefits when it comes to digital advertising, so let’s not repeat those. Instead, let’s take a road less travelled. Let’s dig into ways to make more money with your mobile app.

It is quite obvious that the normal entrepreneur doesn’t understand how simple it is to produce new income streams when you mobilize your own business. Also, we’re not simply talking mobile friendly sites. To understand the mobile app advertisement industry, consider following important facts and figures:

In January 2014, mobile internet usage surpassed that of the PC.

21% of millennials have discarded the PC for their mobile phones for online access.

Mobile applications account for 89% of time spent on mobile media, while just 11% is through the mobile web.

This year, the expenses spent on mobile advertising equal that of desktop advertising, and by 2019, 72% of digital ad spending will go toward mobile.

In short, it’s about mobile ads and mobile is about applications. When you have an application for your business and you’re utilizing it to create ad income, you’re killing two very profitable birds with one stone. So, for those of us that doesn’t have the knowledge; let’s discuss some ways to make more money with your mobile app.


  1. Custom Ads

Offering in-app advertising space accompanies negligible overhead and extreme profits. When done right, you’re even prone to take care of the expenses of the application itself. Organizations are as of now scrambling to get their names in apps, to such an extent that eMarketer predicts $28.72 billion going toward mobile advertisement spending this year alone. Indeed, even as a novice to the ad game, you can take an slice off the billion-dollar pie by contacting nearby companies and offering more advertisement space for lower rates. What the big fish in mobile can offer in exposure, you can counter in quality. Keep in mind, small has its own benefits, like not drowning an ad among 20 contenders.

Put a logo on your application’s home screen or include a sponsor’s page that links out to their front-end sites. When they supply you with the pictures, launching the ads are simple, and you’ll pull in more sponsors once you’ve taken the jump.

  1. Automated Ads

In the event that you’d rather make some additional money without the legwork of selling, mobile ads titans like AdMob, Double-click, and iAds permit you to incorporate digital promotions into your app. You get a kickback from clickthroughs, and whatever you do is situated up the mix. It’s a straightforward approach to add an income stream to your business model.

  1. Self-Promotion

In case you’ve made multiple applications, promote them inside of each other as opposed to paying another person to do it. A banner ad for a related application will promise more traffic; moreover, you’ll have full control. Simply link your banner to the app store posting so clients can navigate to download.


If you simply have one application for your own particular business, promote it with your current customers and reward word-of-mouth like social media sharing. The more downloads you get, the more you can add in your revenue stream. Support exclusive in-app deals and accept payments for products and services. These are the features that keep users around, however they have to arrive first.


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