Important Video Brand Guidelines

When you think of some of the most well-known brands across the globe, such as Pepsi or McDonald’s, have you ever wondered how or why you know their brand immediately just from seeing the logo? This is down to the company’s brand guidelines, which is a crucial part of a business’ branding strategy. Protecting and curating your brand over time ensures that your hard work pays off in establishing your brand’s values.

Brand Video Guidelines

What are branding guidelines?

It can be a difficult task in itself to establish your brand; once that has been achieved successfully, your next crucial step is to maintain it. In other words, you don’t want your brand to go to waste by undoing any hard work that has already been done.

Brand guidelines are essentially rules to help your company and your brand start on the right path. These rules can include everything from your logo size, brand colours and typeface, ensuring that your message and services are instantly recognisable.

This may appear quite daunting and possibly even quite complicated, but this is why brand guidelines can ensure you remain on track and everything becomes unified. At the end of the day, guidelines are recommendations set to help make your brand what it is and give it an identity.

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How can branding guidelines help?

Brand guidelines are a way to keep your brand consistent across all platforms. By following the recommendations set for your brand, you can consolidate the look and feel of your branding strategy across all media. With so much competition out there in your particular industry, it is important that you find a way of standing out; strong brand guidelines can make sure you are different from those around you.

As well as having a consistent brand internally for your employees’ benefit, having a constant and unique image can also have a huge positive impact on your customer. This uniformity will, in turn, protect your brand as it becomes more recognisable in the public eye. Whether it’s your website, mobile app or other advertising material, the design should be identical across all platforms to make sure it is identifiable and distinguished.

In terms of video, a study carried out by B2B Marketing in 2014 showed that video is becoming the best type of content to help you stand out, and also the best kind of content that resonates with your audience. When you think about it this way, it really is important that you ensure you have brand guidelines in place for other mediums as well as the overall aesthetics of your company.

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What do brand guidelines consist of?

Brand guidelines can encompass a number of different elements to ensure your brand is unique and stands out from your competitors in everything you do. Essentially a style guide for your company, these guidelines that you should be looking to follow include:

  • Tone
  • Language
  • Colours
  • Logo usage
  • Sound
  • Typography

The videos that you release are a direct reflection your brand and help build on our brand perception as well as releasing fresh and interesting content. If you have your brand guidelines to hand, this shouldn’t be a problem. Guidelines for your brand will ensure your image is protected, consistent and innovative among your competitors.

Branding experts such as Creative Spark can work with you to build up video brand guidelines and keep everything solidified and unique to your business.


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