Personal Branding Techniques for Bloggers

Personal Branding Techniques for Bloggers

With thousands of new blogs popping up each week, how is a blogger to make it in the Internet world and get noticed? The best way to get recognized as a blogger is to create and maintain a personal blogging brand. That sounds easier than it is to do, right? Your brand needs to be unique and it seems someone has already done it all. Well, here are some personal branding techniques for bloggers to get you moving in the right direction.

personal-branding-techniques for bloggers

Establish Your Brand

Your first step is to establish your brand. Your blogging brand is like your online identity. It is what separates you from others in the same niche. It is what gives you a persona apart from just another name on the Internet. Creating a mission statement is a great way to establish your brand. You can share this mission statement with visitors or keep it private. The point is that you sum up the goal and point of your blog in one simple sentence- your mission statement.

Examples might include:

  • To provide accurate and up-to-date news and information regarding the use of cloth diapers in infants and babies.
  • To give insider tips and tricks on how to excel at today’s hottest first-person shooters.
  • Helping work-at-home moms get organized and be more productive throughout their day.
  • This mission statement will help you build a blogging brand around your main focus.
Get a Logo

It will also be important to develop a logo. Whether you make one yourself or hire someone to do it for you, your logo will be important. A logo could consist of just lettering; it might be images only or a combination of images with text. The logo is the icon that the reader will forever associate with your blog. Your logo should go along with your brand and it should be consistent. Any time a reader sees that logo, they will instantly think of you.


Credibility is essential in blog branding today. While anyone can create a blog and talk about anything they want, not all of these people are credible. Internet users want content they can trust. Google has proven that quality content is more important than ever before. Maintain credibility in your niche and you will build a following of dedicated readers who come back again and again because they appreciate you’re the trustworthiness that you’ve created with your brand.


Consistency goes right along with credibility. If you say one thing one day and contradict yourself the next, the readers will lose trust in you and as a result, will stop following you. Your blog appearance, your logo, and the text you use within your blog should all be consistent with your brand and the mission. Whether, you’ve made that mission statement public or not staying true to your self is the highest calling of all.


Blogging is all about networking but you have to do it in a non-spammy way. Commenting on the blogs of others is a great start to build a network but be sure your comments are sincere and don’t just say “Great post. Check out my site!” You could also sign up for groups and networks related to your niche or similar niches to yours. Participate in conversation and be consistent. Remember you are representing your brand at all times.

If you can master these personal branding techniques you will be well on your way to turning your voice into a powerfully branded, blog