How To Fix Driver Power State Failure?

Driver Power State Failure

Driver Power State Failure errors occur generally when the device driver goes into sleep mode while the user is still using the device. The Driver Power State Failure error can happen due to several reasons like incompatible drivers, faults in the power setting or even it can be bad drivers.

Possible cause for Window 10 Driver Power State Failure Error:

The two main causes behind the Stop Code Driver Power State Failure Windows 10 Error are:

Firstly, if the user OS is kept in the state of Sleep then this kind of error may be encountered when the user tries to log in.

Secondly, the Windows 10 Driver Power State Failure error may happen due to the incompatibility of the PC drivers with the user’s current Windows OS version. This incompatibility makes the driver unable to handle the power state transition. Therefore it is mandatory to check the compatibility of the PC drivers before installing.

Other than that the graphics and WiFi card drivers can also cause the problem.

How to Fix Driver Power State Failure Windows 10 issue:

In this article we have listed the total of nine solutions that one can use to resolve their issues regarding this:

Solution 1: Removal of External Hardware :

The external hardware which is attached externally to the user device can cause this kind of error also. Therefore to overcome the issue of power state failure the user has to remove the externally attached hardware to see if they are still encountering the error or not. If in case removal of that hardware makes the disappearance of the error then the problem was with that and if not then try out the other solution mentioned below.

Solution 2: Removing the installed Drivers in Safe Mode:

This type of error especially occurs due to the installation of drivers which is not compatible with the user Window OS version.

  • Start booting your PC after that Windows Boot Manager screen will appear, then press the F8 button constantly.
remove drivers in safe mode 1
  • Now, Advanced Boot options will pop up, from there the user has to choose the Safe Mode from the list of options.
remove drivers in safe mode 2
  • Then, launch the Device Manager in the Safe Mode.
remove drivers in safe mode 3
  • After that in order to uninstall the recent drivers on your PC, right-click on that driver and select Uninstall Device from the available options. Continue this for all other available installed devices also.
remove drivers in safe mode 3

Solution 3: SFC Scan:

The user can use the System File Checker Scan(SFC) tool to check out all the errors within their system with the help of the following steps mentioned below:

  • From the Windows search field, navigate to Command Prompt and then select Run as Administrator from the available options.
How to Run the Windows 10 System File Checker | InMotion Hosting
  • Now a popup prompt will appear which will ask the user to allow the app to effect changes to the PC, so select YES.
run system file checker 2
  • Then in the Command Prompt field type and enter sfc/scannow and with this scanning will start.
run system file checker 3
  • Finally, make an input of “exit” and press the ENTER button to close the window.

Solution 4: Reverting Graphics Card Drivers to the Older version:

This is one of the good ways via which users can resolve the issue simply by reverting to their previously used graphic drivers.

  • From the Window’s search field, navigate to Device Manager and launch it into the PC.
revert graphics card drivers 1
  • Now among the available section select Display adapters and double click on the graphic cards.
revert graphics card drivers 2
  • In the next pop up select the Roll Back Driver available under the Driver tab.
revert graphics card drivers 3
  • Select OK and the procedures will be completed.

Solution 5: Removing Antivirus Software:

Antivirus Software can also be one of the most probable reasons for such kind of errors to take place. This can be overcome by the removal of the software and the steps mentioned below will help the user to do so.

  • Firstly from the Window’s Search field, navigate to Control Panel and launch it into the PC.
remove antivirus software 1
  • Then select Uninstall a program option available under the Programs tab.
  • Now select the antivirus program from the available list of installed programs and then click Uninstall.
remove antivirus software 3
  • After that restart your PC.

Solution 6: By turning off the Power Saving

The user can get rid of windows 10 driver power state failure by turning off the power saving using the following steps mentioned below:

  • To boot safely press the Window logo present on the keyboard and along with it click the letter R to open the Run box. Now in the Open tab type Control Panel and then click OK to launch in the user window.
Search for Control Panel in Run
  • Now use “Small icons” to view before clicking “Power Options”
Select Power Option in All Control Panel Items
  • Then after enabling the “Balance (recommended)” option, click on the Change plan settings present on the right side of the page.
turn off power saving 3
  • After that choose the Change advanced power settings.
turn off power saving 4
  • Under the Wireless Adapter Settings, there will be available several options, from there select the Power Saving Mode. Now from the menu increase the setting to a Maximum Performance
turn off power saving 5
  • Now move the cursor to PCI Express and there will be available the Link State Power Management.
  • From here enhance a change by selecting the option Maximum power savings.
  • Click on the APPLY option
turn off power saving 6
  • Now click OK and restart the device to check and confirm the disappearance of the error.

Solution 7: By changing Nvidia Control Panel Power Settings:

This Nvidia graphics is another reason which leads to driver power state failure windows 10 error. The following steps are required in order to overcome the issue:

  • First of all launch the Nvidia Control Panel. Now from the left section of the page choose Manage 3D settings.
  • Now moving towards the right part select the graphics card.
  • After that find Power management mode and besides that there is available Prefer maximum performance. From here select maximum performance.
turn off power saving 7
  • Now save all the changes and wait for the process to be completed.

Solution 8: By updating the device driver:

With the help of the following steps the user can update their device drivers:

  • First of clicking the Window logo button on the keyboard along with press the R button to open up the Run dialogue box.
  • In the open tab type devmgmt.msc
update device drivers 1
  • Now right click on the driver to update and then select Update Driver Software from all the available options.
update device drivers 2
  • To complete the whole process click on the automatic search to get the latest available drivers in the system.
update device drivers 3
  • In case the first option doesn’t work out, then the user can opt for the second option to complete.
update device drivers 4
  • Finally, restart the computer to save the changes.

Solution 9: By Refreshing Windows 10 PC:

At the last instance, the user can refresh its Windows 10 in order to discard the error without the deletion of system files

  • In the START section, there is available an option of settings. Choose that.
3 Ways to Open PC Settings on Windows 10
  • Now select Update & Security option.
refresh windows 10 2
  • From the menu option-click the Recovery button
refresh windows 10 3
  • There is an option of getting started is available under Reset this Pc.
refresh windows 10 4
  • Select Keep my file to refresh the Window.
refresh windows 10 5
  • Then there will be appearing a pop up declaring the removal of the apps. There is no need to stress out because all the deleted apps are third-party installed apps.
  • Select the Reset button and finish the process.

You can also watch this video to overcome the issue:

I hope this article has helped you o resolve your issues regarding the fixation of windows 10 driver power state failure error. In case if you have doubts and queries regarding this topic feel free to ask by commenting down below.

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