How Bloggers Can Speed Up Writing Even With Low Typing Speed?

Your interest in this topic states that you are a blogger and here is a quick guide on how to speed up your writing. Let me clarify what I mean is “speed up” first, here  I have not discussed about improving your typing speed but mentioned some tricks to minimize your typing so that you can quickly finish your job. Even Mr. Bill Gates said “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”.. Hey don’t label me as lazy.. I just added the quote to spice up this post.

Ok.. Let’s move to our main topic “how a blogger can speed up writing?”. I assume that you use Microsoft Word to write the content instead directly writing in WordPress or Blogger platforms.

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Add Typical Blogger Phrases in AutoCorrect

autocorrect for blogger

As a blogger you know that there are some typical blogger phrases which you use in almost each and every blog you write. If you review a software, at the end you say “check out this software over here” , instead of writing the entire phrase you can add first letters of each word in autocorrect so that whenever you type “cos” MS words converts it to the pre-defined phrase. To list major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo you can add “gby”, for search engine optimization you can just say “seo” in autocorrect. These are few examples, you can add hundreds of such autocorrect words to get your work done faster. If you want to make your grammar fool-proof and perfect, then yo should definitely try these best grammar checker tools.

Saving typical phrases in autocorrect is the best way to minimize your typing. Just think how quickly and easily you can finish your work by adding these short codes in autocorrect.

You can add autocorrect entries at “File” >> “Options” >> “Proofing” >> “Autocorrect” options.

Work with MS Office clipboard

office clipboard

Turn on the clipboard in MS word and copy the often used words so that you can insert the word or phrase with single click. Assume you are reviewing a software product and you use the software throughout the document, in this case you can just copy the software name to clip board and paste in whenever needed.

How Bloggers Can Speed Up Writing Even With Low Typing Speed? 1
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