Samsung Presents the Monkey Thief

Monkeys don’t hesitate to steal the stuffs they need, they wait for the perfect timing and grabs the food and the same thing is happened over here with Samsung’s new refrigerator that comes up with some great features that every kitchen deserve.  Yes.. Samsung has launched a new refrigerator with low energy consumption and many more advanced features, let me describe them over here.

samsung refrigerator

Cool Features of Samsung’s Easy In – Easy Out Refrigerator

Maximum space utilization

If you ever wished to have a refrigerator to organize your edibles in a proper manner then Samsung’s new refrigerator is a good choice, it accurately utilizes the available space to hold the food. Whether is it a box of pizza, bottle of milk, delicious cake or fruit, you can easily get them out of fridge and enjoy, no need to hunt as in traditional refrigerators.

The refrigerator has an easy slide shelf that greatly organizes food products within the fridge allowing you to easily store and remove the foodstuffs. It also comes up with the full open box in the new bottom mounted freezer which can be pulled out completely so you can stock and pick bulky food stuffs easily without dead space left. The fridge has a wider and deeper big guard door to hold big and tall bottles and beverages.

Optimal freshness

Samsung’s easy in – easy out refrigerator deliverers optimal freshness which keeps the edibles fresh that lasts long. The all new bottom mounted freezer has a CoolSelect zone allowing its users to control the temperature of this compartment with a touch button display. As you can control the temperature of bottom mounted freezer, it can be used as a multi-purpose compartment to keep both vegetables and meat.

Along with CoolSelect feature the refrigerator has an innovative MoistFresh Zone to control the air flow to preserve optimal humidity. There is one more cool feature called “No Frost Technology” which avoids ice logjam on the freezer walls.

Digital Inverter Technology

Digital inverter compressor located in bottom mounted freezer ensures energy efficiency and improves cooling performance by automatically adjusting the five speeds of RPM.

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About Samsung’s Monkey Thief Advertisement

samsung refrigerator 3

Samsung has made an outstanding video that combines reality and animation, in this monkey thief video a monkey sees an advertisement of Samsung easy in – easy out refrigerator in a news paper and rush towards the home where that fridge is present along with its friends.

They wait for the perfect timing and as soon the lady goes away, monkeys head over to the refrigerator and picks pizza, milk, eggs and strawberries etc. Once their work gets over they silently escape. It was too late when lady enters the kitchen again and opens the fridge door.. Oops nothing there!

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This is sponsored post by Samsung, all opinions are mine.

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