4 Strategies to Help You Build the Perfect Shopping Cart

The shopping cart space of the website can be the “deal or no deal” moment for many customers. It is important that e-commerce businesses make sure that their online shopping cart is both easy to use but also continues to sell their products. The website shopping cart is where the business and the customer essentially shake hands, exchange payment and thank each other for their business and businesses should treat it as such.

Here are four top tips to creating a people-friendly shopping cart:

ecommerce shopping cart

1. Make User-Friendly Interface

Online shopping is being embraced by everyone regardless of their level of experience in technology. A shopping cart on a website should reflect this and make it easy and possible to purchase products. It is imperative to make functions such as “Checkout” and “Add to Cart” obvious through a clearly labelled button. In these cases, using an obvious button that is larger than the other buttons is a good idea because it not only encourages customers to purchase products from the website, but it enables them to do so. It is also important to make sure that the font and layout do not distract from the function of the shopping cart. When specific information is required, there should be a descriptive label in or next to the box so that customers know what is required of them.

2. Display Your Products Proudly

Make sure to leave space to include the pictures of the product in your shopping cart. When they are buying online, customers are relying on the representative images that the website provides for them. These pictures draw customers to the product and help customers compare products. Adding photo options to the shopping cart can really seal the deal for customers and remind them why they put the product in the cart in the first place.

3. Give the Customers Room to Decide

Allow the shopping cart to provide links back to the product directly from the cart. It saves customers a lot of time and hassle if they want to go back and look at the full-size product again. Customers who are inconvenienced by having to search through the site are less likely to purchase the product.

4. Provide A Streamlined Service

Provide a list of checkout steps so that customers know exactly where they are in the process. Try to avoid having steps within steps in the checkout process. If a new customer must register for an account, make sure that the site returns them to the same place that they left off when they return. This ensures that they do not need to enter the same information twice. Avoiding redirections and misdirection is crucial in the checkout experience for the customer. The easier the checkout process is, the more likely it is that the customer will fulfil the checkout process and place the order.

Providing an easy to use shopping cart will boost sales and even continue to sell the products to the customer. It is important to create a shopping cart that is efficient but also easy to use for all customers as the whole world begins to really embrace online shopping.

4 Strategies to Help You Build the Perfect Shopping Cart 1
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