10 Things Game of Thrones Teaches Us About the Future of Tech

Author George R.R. Martin has indicated that he placed his Game of Thrones saga in a time period similar to the years 1455-1487 in the real world. This follows the advancement of real-world technology following the War of the Roses in history.

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Following are 10 things Game of Thrones teaches us about the future of technology.

Faith Inhibits Science

In-Game of Thrones when magic was a real force and prevalent for solving problems the populace had no motivation to move beyond faith to scientific advancements. It is only when magic or miracles do not work that people are driven to discover why and how things work in order to problems.

Acquisition of Resources Drives Technological Advancement

Foremost among motivations to improve science and technology is greed. People in both the fantasy world and the real world are driven to acquire power, wealth and status using any means at their disposal.

The Importance of Communication Drives Technological Advancement

The Order of Maesters exists as a sect of learned scholars in Game of Thrones. They utilize ravens to send messages mirroring the use of carrier pigeons in the real world. The ability to train and use animals is a key component of human mastery of the environment. Today people who are able to communicate efficiently are able to make big waves in technology. Just take a look at Apple, they are masters of communication.

Devotion to the Pursuit of Technology Requires Forswearing Political Allegiances

To truly advance science and technology requires an open, unbiased mind. The Order of Maesters abandons loyalty to family and political factions in the pursuit of learning. Pursuing technology also results in success and power. This is why spending your time learning how to network from sites such as Pluralsight can give you a good head start on your future.

Brainstorming with Multiple Participants Yields Progression of Theories and Science Technology

The Order of Maesters assembles its members in one place at a complex in a citadel. The complex’s only purpose is to bring together multiple minds devoted to learning, either by teaching each other or sharing ideas. This technique mimics the modern equivalent of brainstorming. A good tech example of this is Google, Google has some of the most innovative techniques to keep their company ideas fresh from brainstorming.

Taking Care of Community Drives Medicinal Technology

Game of Thrones shows advancement in medicine aimed at helping members of the community. Plants have been used to inhibit crippling anxiety as well as providing pain relief for surgery. The fantasy world relies on knowledge and application of chemical substances to assist society. Clearly, chemistry is important.

Elimination of Military Targets Will Drive Biological Warfare

Game of Thrones uses the chemical properties of plants to create poisons for use in warfare. Assassination uses chemistry in the fantasy world.

Martial Influence Drives Advancement in Metal Refinement

Much like the real world, Game of Thrones shows the differences in martial technology involving the refinement of ores for the purpose of armament. The fantasy world currently disdains the use of bronze considering the metal a relic of the past and currently favours the use of iron and steel. The reality of obsidian as a weapon is also showcased. As faults are discovered in weaponry, technology marches onward to overcome those weaknesses. Careful use of old technology is also used, reminding society not to discard old technology entirely.

Security is an Important Investment

Security is extremely important in Game of Thrones if you want a good example just go and ask Sean Bean or anyone related to him for that matter. As the digital world continues to evolve security becomes more important. Things such as proper cloud security can really make or break a business. Likewise having advanced physical security to protect your business such as Pro-Vigil can really make a big difference.

Technological Superiority Remains a Determining Factor for Military and Economic Success

The use of various ships by the different civilizations and societies in Game of Thrones showcases the importance of mobility and speed for retaining an advantage over others in the trade and military endeavours. These days having advanced devices can really help your company improve and grow. Thanks to advancements in the internet of things and CRM it is getting increasingly easier for a technologically savvy company to expand.

Despite the fantastical world, Martin has built, the realm showcased to viewers parallels lessons in technology and scientific advancement. Some aspects of knowledge and application of science remain true no matter how different a world may seem. Those differences when delved into remain stunningly similar to modern progression and easily related to by current viewers.

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