How to protect your phone for long life - Best tips for you!

To ensure your mobiles long life it is very essential to take a very good care of your mobile handset. Mobile handsets of previous days are much harder than now days handsets. Today’s latest headsets are very delicate in nature. Here are some best tips to protect your phone for long life for the best optimal performance and also safeguard of your battery. All these tips are not limited but you are also expecting to maintain its charging and discharging processes.

Why protect your phone for long life:-

Nowadays most of the people carry smartphones with them as it is easy to access your important emails and messages, capture your moments, getting connected to your close once, carry and access important files and documents and also to stay in touch with your friends through social media apps. Also, so many important contacts we are not able remember and it’s not possible to write down some were, these are the reason why we have to make sure to secure our phone for long life.

Tips to protect your phone for long life:-

Safety for Screen

Nowadays mobiles have a great display some of it is IPS display and some are of Retina display such as “iPhones”. The display makes you handset more elegant to see so protecting the screen of the handset is one of the most important priorities. The screen of the mobiles can be getting damaged if it falls from hand or something heavy falls on the screen. This can be protected by putting a screen guard on over the handset screen. It will be of better working if the screen guard is not of plastic but of glass. By chance it falls from hand or anything over it then the glass will break protecting the screen of the handset. This glass screen protector is available easily in any mobile stores.

Safety for Battery

The battery life is the main problem in most of the handset. The companies always recommend using a specific battery of specific headset. Usually the battery life of the phone gets damage for 3 reasons, one is for the reason is the late charging of the of the phone , secondly if the handset is excess charged as some peoples used to charge their phone whole night but nowadays the mobile companies are using new system that the phone will automatically cut off the power from the socket after charging 100%, and lastly due to the continuous charging and discharging without charging full 100% , so you should discharge after charging 100% once you plug the device with the power . You can change the battery on your device but you should use authenticate batteries to keep the mobile safe. This method can be used to keep safe your battery life.

Safety of Handset

As instructed in the phone manual the phone should not kept with children’s and also it should be not kept in the reach of direct sunlight and also it should not be kept in reach of fire and also it not left on water as it can damage the charging ports and also the speakers of the handset so it should be kept in the places which are cool and dry. Due to the influence of hot places the battery of the handset gets damaged and also there is a chance of explosion. If some of the amounts of the moisture get inside the handset it can burn the motherboard and can totally damage it. So moisture can be removed easily by switching it off and removing the battery and put all the parts in Can full of rice so that, it can absorb the moisture from the handset as it can remove.

Remedial measures to protect your phone for long life

  • Firstly screen protector and back cover should be used in order to save it from external damages .
  • The apps should not be downloaded from an unknown source sometimes some app setup contains virus that may damage your software’s.

  • The phone should be placed in dry place which is cool, the handset should not be used if it get too much warm. For that situation then you should switch off your phone and keep it undisturbed for some time.
  • The charging pin should be dry while connecting to your phone either wise spark can take place and fry the whole circuit of the handset.
  • This power socket which you are using for charge your device should have stable electric connect otherwise it can damage your charging pin as well as your headset.

This is some best tips to protect your phone for long life. You can use these tricks for the betterment of your handset. As our handset is one of the most important things that is making our life easy so we can take the small step in order to increase its long life.