5 Awesome Futuristic Gadgets Which Could Change the World

It does not matter if you own a company that has been in business for a while or you are about to start a new one, you should always tend to invest in something innovative, to help you and your employees with work. That innovation does not always have to be something directly related to work, but it can also be something that can improve the working atmosphere, and even affect private life, positively, of course.

Energous WattUp

WattUp future gadgets

Energous WattUp is definitely something worth considering. It is a device that can wirelessly, using Bluetooth, charge up devices like phones, tablets and many more, within 15 foot range. What is even more interesting is that WattUp prioritizes items that are lowest on battery power. The downside of this is that it cannot be used on gadgets we already have, but has to have preinstalled WattUp technology.

Tesla Powerwall

tesla powerwall

Powerwall is very useful technology in many ways. What Powerwall does is it simply charges up electricity from solar panels, or when utility rates are low, and powers your office. It is compact and very simple to install. It is so great because it offers independence from utility grid, so even if something happens and comes to power blackout, your work can continue uninterrupted.

Gaming room

You really need one, if you don’t already have it. Everyone can have a bad day, and sometimes the work itself can be overwhelming and frustrating. When that happens and you have a gaming room, you can focus your energy to something like table tennis, squash or computer gaming, and take your mind off of work for a while, so you can relax and refresh. Quite affordable and yet powerful gaming laptops will give your employees an opportunity to enjoy latest games on a mobile device. Even girls love to throw a round or two of Angry birds!

Anti-hack device

Anti-hack device

Everything that once comes online is a potential target for hackers. Since almost every business relies on internet nowadays, data can never be protected enough. Device like Bitdefender Box is something definitely worth of consideration. Basically what it does is that it acts like a firewall for all devices that are connected to your network. Just connect it to your Wi-Fi and it is ready for work.

SnapPower chargers

snap power

Every person has a tablet or a smartphone nowadays, which have, as we all know it, pretty short battery span, especially if those are sporting one of those power-eating apps. You probably have a lot of gadgets and devices in your office that need power to work, and sometimes you just don’t have enough outlets for everything, especially for phones. SnapPower charger has regular outlets, but what makes it special is that it has an USB plug on the side, so you can charge up your device and still have two outlets available.

These are just some of devices that you can install in order to ease work for your employees and yourself. There are numerous other gadgets you can find like smart cameras, external USB ports and many more. Figure out what can have the best use for your line of work and don’t hesitate to invest, because easier and healthy work atmosphere certainly results with better productivity.

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