In the word cryptocurrency the part crypto mean secure of transaction.  Cryptocurrency is designed works like a exchange medium, controls the additional units creation and do the verification of the transfer of assets because it itself is a digital asset. For trading these type of currencies people should need a secure and genuine website for trading these currencies as it a digitalised money there is a high chance of internet fraud and hacking, so don’t worry here are 10 best genuine websites for cryptocurrency trading. Now days everything is posted online and most of the crypto currency trading sites are becoming online so you don’t have to struggle more in order to trade a cryptocurrency. But still the trading is not that much easy people who visit in in these sites usually ask about how to but and sell these type of crypto currencies.


How to identify the genuine websites for cryptocurrency trading

Firstly you should check  the websites is genuine or not and also you should read about the policies and terms and conditions given in the website info. Secondly you should see that is the website is fully secure usually we it comes to cryptocurrency which is a digitalised money people are always worried about the safety of the currency from the hands of the hackers etc. More the security options more the customers will relay on the website. You should also see that weather the website allows a trustworthy exchange of the currency coin from its cold storage. For your convenience you can also check that does the website allows you trade the cryptocurrencies against the ordinary currency such as USD, Euros etc. depending on the location of exchange.


A good and genuine website for cryptocurrency trading always have some facility such as the website should be beginner friendly so that the people who are trading for the first time should face much difficulty to understand the policies and can trade without any  hesitation. There should be options for buying the currency  such as different types of credit cards and also special points should be given to the users who use payment apps like PayPal, paytm etc for buying these crypto currencies these are the attraction point of the customers.

How to buy cryptocurrency online for trading in these sites

As a beginner you should buy a hardware wallet for trading crypto currencies as it offline, but online wallets are now days secure like hardware wallets. Now for buying a cryptocurrency you should visit a site which is more beginners friendly and gives many payment options and also supports multiple types of crypto currencies as for beginners it will be easy which currency you would like to buy for future trading. So entering in the website you have to register yourself and you might have to upload some of your documents like proof of your id and also some last transactions of your bank accounts. After verifying the documents you will be eligible for the trading and also you have to give a series of pass codes for the improved security of the wallets and to keep it safe from the internet fraud and hacking. To buy a cryptocurrency you should compare the types of the currencies present and which one is suitable for you for your future cryptocurrency trading.


10 best genuine websites for cryptocurrency trading

Here are some best sites from which you can choose which site is more comfortable for your trading purposes. - it is one of the most popular 3rd party London company site which allows the options of 100+ types of cryptocurrencies. And the best part of these sites is it allows fiat currency to trade with any cryptocurrencies which makes it easy for the first timers. It basically works as a crypto broker but its drawback is it do not supports cypto to crypto trades.

10 BEST GENUINE WEBSITES FOR CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING 4 - it is the site which is FCA and CySEC approved which give a better security and also have a very easy to use interface which is also very good for the beginners. It supports only 7 types of cryptocurrencies but the asset will not be owned by you.

10 BEST GENUINE WEBSITES FOR CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING 5 - it is the site which stated by the trading of bitcoin and now it have a user number of over 30,000,000 including merchants and developer app. It is trustworthy site with many old users but the account verification needs some slight work.

10 BEST GENUINE WEBSITES FOR CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING 6 - It is started first in 2017 and proven helpful for the client as it allows low amount of transaction and withdrawal and have much better terms and condition. Only thing is as it is a new site it will take time to gain clients trust.

10 BEST GENUINE WEBSITES FOR CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING 7 - this is more beneficial for the traders as more than 200 trading pairs are viable and millions of traders trusted this site so large volumes of trades is avail  only now the registration is temporarily closed due to the high demand.

10 BEST GENUINE WEBSITES FOR CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING 8 - It is one of the popular sites which allows p2p transaction without almost any verification. But as it supports p2p transaction risk is associated with it.

10 BEST GENUINE WEBSITES FOR CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING 9 - It have good interface and provide every information about payments mainly works with Ethereum currency.

10 BEST GENUINE WEBSITES FOR CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING 10 - It is known as the site which allows cheapest and fastest transactions and withdrawals but due to recent coding it is offline for 3 days.

10 BEST GENUINE WEBSITES FOR CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING 11 - It is the site well known for its high liquidity and trader techniques and it’s based on a trusted coin based brand like other sites but have more ID verification process.

10 BEST GENUINE WEBSITES FOR CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING 12 - It is the site that provides 2 factor authentications and has good customer service but the loan amount of this site is very low.



So there are some sites for cryptocurrency trading that you can avail for your future trading according to your own comfort.